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2005-05-06, Criticism. I got a lot out of your Woody Allen intv…:

Ever wonder why Woody Allen has been trying to create the same movie over and over again for the last 15 years? Winston Garisson = ‘I’ in I got a lot out of your Woody Allen intv. that may hypothosize just that about the creative PROcess.

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2005-05-05, Daniel P. Beckmann. THE 4 step PRO-cess for IDEA CREATION::

I, Dan Beckmann-Moderator of letters, present the following BRIEF to the Midwestern States University BOARD OF REGENTS with the intention of providing “further proof for your supremecy through lack there of” and to “provide a framework for the further advancement of the Midwestern States marketing moto: “Midwestern States University- What we lack in SOUL, YOU’LL make up for in TIME having spent!”: THE 4 step PRO-cess for IDEA CREATION

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2005-04-10, Mark G. Nugent. Unified Chaos:

I think this one is actual accessible if you take a bit of time to work it out. I think he basically uses the difference between the perception of the physical thing and the “actual reality” of the physical thing to posit part of his theory for Unified Chaos I’m certain if you like this one, it’s the begining of something more, at least that’s how I read it-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent 2

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2005-03-07, Ambivilen. Dude Economics:

Gee, I sure hope that calling this object Dude Economics isn’t a misnomer…For some reason it’s taken me a year to sum up the subjectivity of this balad of how the dude really does need the city and the city folk could one day evolve, if they’re lucky and their technology permits, to become the dude.-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann, Moderator of Letters

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2005-03-02, Research. Repetition in China: Part 1Kenny G: Cultural Revolutionary of the New Millennium:

If you’ve been dirtied too long with all that mid-class sedating ’shrill… I invite you to step into the cool, refreshing and blessing shower that is Repetition in China: Part 1 Kenny G: Cultural Revolutionary of the New Millennium. It hits all the right notes(most notable here is how substantive of the object stated but we assume you have little choice)…What better way to establish that tomarken’s colon is on brink of blow, than with this classic material gratis-Nels Frye

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2005-01-10, Ambivilen. Dr. Yarrum’s Not Gone.:

On this very sad day in the history of, and following Beckmann’s touching eulogy to one of the great proponents of the Manifesto, our ardent comrade Dr. Yarrum, I find myself left in a crisis for a response to that event unrespondable. Grasping, then, and in the spirit of Tomarken, I offer the following short and ficticious elegiac words an’ drawrins’ to our departed confederate. He will be missed.

Front page image for Official Statement from the Moderator on the instigations of Dr. Yarrum at
2005-01-09, Daniel P. Beckmann. Official Statement from the Moderator on the instigations of Dr. Yarrum: will celebrate its three-year anniversary at the end of this month. Throughout all of that time there has been one person who has always wondered what was going on with tomarken, was it going to rise again? Did he see a sputter of activity? You could always trust him to interact with every part of this site-his responses were so many I haven’t even put up half of them yet. I don’t exactly know if it was a generational thing or what happens to people when they get old, but Dr. Yarrum kept track of things, and often wondered why others didn’t do the same.

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2005-01-05, Dr. Yarrum. Unified Theory of Philosophy:

In what may indeed be Dr. Yarrum’s opus… posted here now, after his passing….
“All other so-called philosophies constitute an industry, a .source of income and notoriety that fights to perpetuate itself for its own glory.”

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2004-12-17, Research. Extinction Watch! 2005: American Movie, Guns n’ Roses, and Quantum symmetry.:

Extinction Watch! 2005 Tomarken’s faithful moderator of modulation returns to close out the year with this alarming discovery with regards American Movie, Guns n’ Roses, and quantum physical symmetry. Please read, for all of our safety.

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2004-11-11, Daniel P. Beckmann. Discourse:

This night before the election, with self-righteous, self-serving people canvassing normal places all around the country spreading their doctrine like a leaper in nudist colony–I’d like to raise one last time for that ol’ Discourse Hear Ye, hear ye–May this object milepost these horid times.(In this rare case I actually pleade forgiveness for my sloppiness for I, like many others am a tired, tired man)-submited by Daniel P.Beckmann, Moderator of Letters

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