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THE 4 step PRO-cess for IDEA CREATION:Daniel P. Beckmann, Moderator of Letters
05.06.05-Long Island City, NY


I, Dan Beckmann, present the following BRIEF to the Midwestern States University BOARD OF REGENTS with the intention of providing “further proof for your supremecy through lack there of” and to “provide a framework for the further advancement of the Midwestern States marketing moto: “Midwestern States University- What we lack in SOUL, YOU’LL make up for in TIME having spent!”

submitted for your approval
Daniel P. Beckmann–M.S.U. Class of 2002

THE 4 step PRO-cess for IDEA CREATION:

1) HUNTING AND GATHERING: gather up your materials… talk to people, be inundated with materials… get a library card, join NETFLIX(R) hang out with some frat guys… get engrossed in the robotic stream of things (not too much of course, next is the point where you have to pull yourself out)

2) SACRIFICE: SCREEECH!… Put in all the stops, you may feel a jolting sensation as you try to break free from the robotic momentum of the manufactured world as we know it. When you’re creating something new, by definition, its not something anyone else has ever heard of, especially those in the robotic stream of things… these people will all look at you funny, tell you it can’t be done, they won’t understand and quite possibly based upon their education, they’re not supposed to. You can seek the support of fellow creators at this juncture, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be of the exact same mind as you and they may also be in the process of shutting off, or may have already turned off their access to the robotic stream, which is why these type-folks are often most times very hard to reach.

3) THE VOID: The void must be achieved in order to reach the possibility for something new under this regimine. This is where the MIDWESTERN STATES UNIVERSITY may come into play… The midwest’s robotic stream is more obvious than most anyplace else and due to the physical construction of the midwest, it is much easier to turn off the stream as it is very easy in your car never to encounter a never living soul within your bubble.

New things can be created out of empty space and if you’re looking to create something new these possibilities open up more frequently than you think. You will see the run of the older ideas reaching a saturation point–the revivals of the revivals of the revivals circulating to the point where the original stank of the original idea is almost no where to be found (PLEASE REFER: POLICE ACADEMY IV and up).

Recapping again so its most clearest… you have 1) Gather materials, being part of the Robotic stream –> 2) Turned off the robotic stream 3) reach a place where nothing exists and nothing is presented in front of your mind–THE VOID.

Once you find a VOID, if you start to quitely put your ponderings within it, if you’ve reached it, the new will come to you if you’ve gathered up enough materials, you will impressed with how fast they get sucked into creation.

4) INTEGRATION: This is the hardest part of this method of “idea creation”… and this is why many of those who create ideas spend most of their time in the VOID and either conciously or subconciously away from the Robotic Stream. It’s almost easy to create the idea, if you’ve achieved the VOID, but by defintion what you create in the VOID is something new…something the Robotic Stream hasn’t seen before–Probably one of the only ways to get them to accept it is to REJOIN the Robotic Stream again in order to “insert it” whilst you are swimming– BUT of course, when you look at the Robotic Stream from outside, EECK-what a horrible place you may notice, why would you ever want to go back there after this THING that you’ve just created just so that it may become part of the Robotic Stream?

One reason: well that’s probably the way ‘any’ got into the robotic stream in the first place! Whether on accident or on purpose, the new IDEA appeared NON-ALIEN to robotic people probably through increasing dispensation by other robots that at that time–they accepted it!

In order to INTEGRATE, you need to SACRIFICE again, but this time, you start going to the MOVIES again, call up that guy who always wants you to go to this thing or that–YES this isn’t easy to do, but how are you to once again collect your materials in order to restart the process?

SO,,,now… if the preceeding is the way some CREATE, can FAME ruin CREATIVITY? This process is not mutually exclusive…its just one way.

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