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DNA: A complex organic molecule characterized as the building block of life, shaped like a spiral staircase to nowhere.

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2005-01-05, Dr. Yarrum. Unified Theory of Philosophy:

In what may indeed be Dr. Yarrum’s opus… posted here now, after his passing….
“All other so-called philosophies constitute an industry, a .source of income and notoriety that fights to perpetuate itself for its own glory.”

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2004-03-06, Criticism. The Book of Job:A Lecture:

A long time intervalist, Dr. Yarrum purports with all modesty that his Lecture on the Book of Job is one of his favorites. So…At this point I want to remind you, that this is a review of a book; that all the characters are fictional. I don’t want to lose you in deep philosophical discussion. We are still in Broward County and it is in the morning. Publix is calling and K-Mart beckons-submitted by Dr. Yarrum

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2003-12-21, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Six:

The basic premise of a democracy is that, “I may be wrong!” Our society has continually bombarded us with conflicting bromides. It is admirable to “have the courage of your convictions”. It is equally admirable to “keep an open mind.”…

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2003-06-08, Dr. Yarrum. Freud Revealed:A Lecture:

Is Freud and Fraud? The guy sure gets a lot of credit for the discovery of the field of pyschology–heck, Richard Dreyfus in the crazed comedy What About Bob? even names his son after the man! Freud Revealed-a lecture submitted by Intervalist Dr. Yarrum

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2002-11-22, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Five:

A Mouth like a Volcano-Words as weapons. Last night we were paying bridge with our old friends Ed and Joan. In one hand, when the bidding ended, Joan was to play it in "three no trump" and when she saw Ed’s hand, Joan exploded at him: "You can’t put me in ‘three no trump’ [...]

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2002-09-24, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Four:

I just had a wonderful dream / I was in a large hall listening to a middle aged nun at the podium. She was fervently addressing the audience on her God and her faith, obviously seeking to convert unbelievers to come forward and join her order. After listening to her for some time, I walked close to the podium and interrupted her. “You are working too hard” I said, You are not convincing any one in this audience…

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2002-08-29, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Three: is a valuable forum for diverse opinions to be aired. There is no limit to the topics contributors feel that they want to post. I was struck by the contrast in tone of the last two articles that our moderator thought worthy of our attention.

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2002-08-15, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Two:

It was Balzac who said, “Behind every great fortune is a crime.” A crime is committed only when a law is broken.

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2002-08-12, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day One:

I have always loved quotations, epigrams and the like. It goes back to the Sunday mornings of my childhood when I would jump into bed with my father with a copy of Elbert Hubbard’s Scrap book. It was loaded with pithy sayings chosen by Hubbard and was my introduction to the wisdom of the world. I would read each one to my dad waiting for his opinion…

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2002-05-31, Dr. Yarrum. Too Much Brain Power:

All of the money and all of the brick buildings and of course the symposium and the reason for all of it may just be Too Much Brain Power-submitted by Intervalist, Dr. Yarrum

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