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Muppet Government?

Dan Beckmann,Intervalist
07.10.02-Washington, DC

Some of you may not know the magic behind the muppets, but I do…(click on photo below next please…)

Now you do…

You don’t see the bottom of any of these things in Boosh’s new press conferences..

But are they indeed there?

a middle note…
Has anyone noticed these liminal messages appearing behind Boosh the last few days?I guess they figure that some people are getting tired of listening to Boosh drone on and on with his speeches of meaningless catch phrases, that now they are just showing their meaningless point. And, hey, they can also catch you if you’re watching with your sound off, so that you still get their important message whether or not they are actually backing up that point in their auditory speech at all!—real sly!!! Ha?

I know, what some of you might be thinking…how can these two or three little words in the background have much of an effect at all?. Well, since Boosh won the election without saying anything at all, these subliminal messages have those of concerned with actual substance somewhat concerned. You see, now he can give his speech on Corporate Responsibility or on Protecting the Homeland and even though he may not make any points or actually make any inclination that he might do anything about the particular issue at all, many Americans will accept his subliminal messages at their word and assume that this guy is actually doing something about Corporate Responsibility and Protecting the Homeland when he is actually not.

What a great way to get votes! Even if he’s blamed in the substantive circles for not doing anything, in the future when his historical speeches with the liminal backgrounds are aired they will still say that he did something back then, when he actually did not… real super sly again!

Which leads to the next questions…Why do we even need Boosh at all? Why not have a snazy background run our country?

And who can forget Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy…a long time fan of the acid rock band, The Grateful Dead<- sure!!
But, is he really in control of his functions or is this bird?
Then there’s this “Phil Gramm” character from Texas…HE’s Damn Near Split in two!

But at least he’s not being ruled from the living dead like this fellow:

SO, The question remains of who is controlling these muppets or indeed the country!?!??
IT’s probably not the American people, right?… hey, maybe its this guy:

Hmm… probably its more like this guy:

Musical Context-
The Muppet Show Theme Song

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