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I got a lot out of your Woody Allen intv…
Garisson Winston
03.27.04-New York City, NY

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From: Winston, Garisson.
Sent: Sun 3/27/2005 7:55 PM
To: Gonzolez, Horatio F., New York Herald
Subject: I got a lot out of your Woody Allen intv…

I don’t mean to bother you, but I came down to watch your Woody Allen intv. this week on purpose and the following have stuck with me since and I don’t know if it has anything to do with all the Lacanian pyshcoanalysis that I’m forced to ingest for my PHD:

->When he stopped you from reading his reviews (these are important to him or he wouldn’t have made an issue)

->He never watches his movies after they’re done (I thought he almost contradicted himself on this when he was able to recount the scene you referred to from the end of Manhattan…if he hasn’t watched them since, he may think he knows every inch of them–but there’s something that time {that most ‘Dr. Phillian-court pyschologists’ can agree} does to one’s perspective)

->He hasn’t made a movie that’s hit it out of the park yet (I think he is telling the truth here, both in my opinion and in his. In my view, his later works seem to reflect the closedness of both the two points mentioned above, but also his small inner circle. He used to travel around as a comedian, expose himself to more aspects of the world…and after seeing Melinda & Melinda yesterday, it again felt to me like he was rehashing the same ol’ same ol’ that he’s been rehashing for over 15 years now–as someone who’s young in my career, I wonder…if he doesn’t go back to look at his works from the past critically and seek another flow of ideas, how can he build on top of what he already has?)

I still believe, as in anyone in good health, that his homerun is yet to come… I am interested to know what you might think of this–also, do you know Adm. Collins from Purdue–I’m good friends with his son Bart.

Best, Garisson Winston

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