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2007-06-18, Revolution. An Alternative Presidential Pardon:

Lets face it, whetheor or not you voted for Bush or ever even liked him–you’ve got to admit, he’s creating a new space for himself as the last president you’d want on your junior high kick-ball team, soon he’ll get thumbed just past Jimmie Carter ‘79, the man needs something…something SUBstantial!-sbutmitted by Richie Zevin

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2007-04-20, Ambivilen. Those Hyphenated Last Names and The Impending Doom When Two of Them Get Together…:

So I’m new here at Current as evidenced by this being my first blog entry. I won’t get into too much about that now, you know about the whole Cousin Larry driving from Wisconsin to the big city with nothing “gonna stand in his way”… I frankly need to milk the “I’m the new kid [...]

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2006-04-16, Revolution. America’s Church:

What is the relationship between the culture and character of a nation and the possibility of transposing the character of a nation’s church? There’s no transubstantiation at this Easter, but you can count on some Trans-Atlanticism.

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2006-04-15, Criticism. TOMARKEN.COM SLASH two–adolscence:

Never one to be silent with the advent of change, Moderator of Letters Daniel P. Beckmann offers his take on the “little over 4 years of” in which “already so much has happened… We watch here at the brink of some sort of unknown media semblance like none ever before seen.”

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2006-04-14, Criticism. Twelve fragments for future moderation of slash two:’s Moderator of an Arbitrary Moderation Taxonomy, Richard Tebrick, meditates once again on the nature of apropos of the insidious “slash/two.”

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2006-04-09, News. TOMARKEN.COM USAGE REPORTS:’s infamous usage roundup gets a recap, on the advent of the big slash-TWO.

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2006-01-04, Ambivilen. Freedom Poems:

This is my long over due next submission to tomarken. Somone was teasing me about Voltaire at work. Or rather about being a head case i assume. My natural defense was to run with their implication that i was a head case. So as i labored i concockted, heh heh, a poem about something i barely know anything about, freedom. The first is in french but is pronounced as written for americans. The next is the translation to english-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent

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2005-12-25, Research. Katrina Family Journal:

Our Jeff Scott, most notorious for Double Vision Collusion, amoung others, has done it again…another such journaling of the inner sanctum of the Huricane Katrina aftermath, bringing to the forefront, real truthes and observations that are most damning to our last, best hope–the American Red CROSS among others…

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2005-09-24, Criticism. Zero-Sum Piracy:

Zero-Sum Piracy is here now, and it will ask you to ask someone how they became a pirate.

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2005-07-05, Ambivilen. The Litmus Test:

Everyone’s lookin’ for quick n’ ez these dayz and with “true love” determination sometimes you just ain’t got more than 91 minutes–you need it now!–>Just pop in the movie “Airborne”â„¢ bra’, she if he/she “gets it”, then call the judge to see ya @ 2 cause you gotta bag this ‘un! It’s The Litmus Test and the only failure could be if you don’t know how to properly administer-submitted by Richie Zevin

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