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2002-02-28, F. Nick Michaels. The Accident:

BEEP! BEEP!…One hundred years ago, those considering the Progressive moment and Laissez Faire Economics could not have possibly enjoyed the pleasure of an obscure on-th-road experience.-submitted by Intervalist F. Nick Michaels-db

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2002-02-24, F. Nick Michaels. Paradox of the Pledge:

“The government controlling the school which I attended was so vain that it taught little children this patriotic oath even though it would be years until they knew what they were saying.” submitted by F. Nick Michaels,-db

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2002-02-21, Daniel P. Beckmann. The Robots vs. The Programmers:

“There are two main constructs of my understanding behind these two groups: Ones own understanding of their own actions and Evolutionary Prospects/Mission”…Although I rarely thought I would use this category, on this rare occasion I felt it necessary to share a perspective that I’ve gained in order to a-mass the troops. submitted by Dan Beckmann, Moderator of Letters.-db

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2002-02-15, Research. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-A:

M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-A. If there is a single institution in the United States that screams “America”, it must be Disneyland. Opened in 1955 by Walt Disney, Disneyland was created to applaud America citizens on their World War II victory by offering them a place of perfection…. submitted by Ellie Badesch-pt

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2002-02-11, Criticism. Art is Alive:

Art is Alive Will God and Art be dead, or will our culture fight for dignity and rise above political and economic domination? submitted by Mark G. Nugent,-pt

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2002-02-08, Ambivilen. My Dinner with Osama Bin Laden…:

Even Osama’s got to eat…and he probably poop too for that matter…especially when after he eats at the Home of the Whopper-submitted by Intervalist Msme. C. S. V. Boyairre,-db

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2002-02-07, Revolution. Why make art of the network?:

Why make art in the network? Some introductory thoughts to the upcoming paper The computer art object: (logic && network).-rt

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2002-02-03, Criticism. Instincts Undenied:

If people are indeed animals, then they should be subject to the same motivations and rules of nature…right? In classic Strattonian prose, explore how what we call ‘civilization’ may indeed by reduced to the order of the jungle. submitted by Ray B. Stratton,-db

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2002-02-02, Dr. Yarrum. KENTUCKY FRIED PHILOSOPHY:

Do humans have the ability with their critically acclaimed ‘institutions’ and ‘complex analytical reasoning’ ever over come the implied ‘pecking order’? submitted by Dr. Yarrum,-db

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