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Mark G. Nugent
Ottawa Hills, OH - 02.11.02

Art is as Alive as the Creator because the God in men is Art

Plato asserted that Art must (simple idea) represent a part of the observed world. However I feel that the lowest level of art appreciation is reverence for the skill of the artist alone. I actually must forget this aspect in order that I may enjoy a project. We can also read the restrictions that Plato would prefer to impose on artists whereas I would prefer only the opposite. The role of the artist should be grand and command praise rather than scorn for political inefficacy or inopportunity. Respect art for its intimacy with the more than human, the universal scat. In high doses the art buzz inspires prophesy. I am saying that from the total physical universe a direct line runs into ones mind that highlights the right particular part of a particular persons experience. Will God and Art be dead, or will our culture fight for dignity and rise above political and economic domination.

I worry about the end of beauty. I play favorites with the elements of aesthetics. Dada pleases my intellect and my sense of reality most, to feel this I must think and abstract and consider and generally amuse myself. As for the modern art popularized in the eighties, I am drawn toward it in sick or angry fuzzy pleasures. Here the singular experience is best represented as in a bright and terrifying mild seizure. It draws us further into the forms of the world in heightened clarity but without imposing new forms, as in a surrealist such as Dali’s fill in the blanks style. Emotional or impressionistic works had to twist the shape allowing a new opening for personal emphasis to flow. Unabashed storytelling such as in Dr. Seuss or Michelangelo mixes the prior elements to taste. These stories represent as much of reality and the common human experience as the artist finds right.

Fan the flames of art with everything. An oppressive empire such as the Franco-Vatican or a utopian tribe such as the Hopi bubbled with art by harnessing the human concern for the cosmic. An artist has ultimate authority over any project and the audience alone can impose the limits. In response to philosophers that say that Art is dead, I claim that to awaken to live art realize that the benefits of any and all religions are the rightful property of the creative human and worship is at its zenith in the appreciation of art. In response to the philosophers that say that God is dead, I proclaim that God is alive within contemporary artists, our true prophets. So let us get disorganized and unload ourselves with full honors unto the earth.

And since the last article I wrote received some criticisms I will add some Art of my own that any wandering critic may use as an example to evaluate my concept of art.

–The Evil of Weakness–

Anarchy, Du Rationalisme
Nationality, Is Non Existent
Suck on this, My Idealisme

Ideal to Real Ration Realease

Omnicide, Everything lost down one path
There’s no time, Minds en Mass Repent
Pessimist, Make truth your inheritent

Ideal to Real, Ration Realease

Try out the mind, Grind
What you Ignore Figure Out
We’ll forget soon enough go Now

Utopia, All in Immortality
LSD, Known Universe to See
Puff on this, Your Ideal is you

Ideal to Real, Ration Realease

—–finny fins—–

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