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"Teen-age girls often have babies fathered by men" - The Sunday Oregonian > Criticism > Instincts Undenied (02-03-02)
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Ray B. Stratton
02.03.02-Culver City, CA
here is some more scary stuff, this is basically my book, in one paragraph form.


All of our actions are rooted in our primeval instincts. The reason for this is quite simple, we have not actually reached the level of evolution that we perceive we have. The reason for this is also simple, in the gain of conciseness humans lost the innocence of instinct. What that basically means is as conscience beings we no longer depend on instincts, but rather instincts guide through our subconscious which began to exist for a place to hold out instinctual tendencies, since we evolved free thought. Our minds subconscious is basically our instincts residing place. It is the old part of out brain, what was left from our days of arboreal life. The most obvious examples of this are clearly displayed in modern mans every day actions. Every action is related to social, or survival instincts. Whether it be looking good to find a suitable mate, or acting tough to assert your alpha rank. It is all relative to the subconscious section of the mind. What makes man of today unique is the complete integration of subconscious instinctual tendencies and conceive purposeful endeavors, to ultimately create a free spirit being governed by logical know how of billions of years of evolution. The step beyond the subconscious is the only logical step in evolution in order to free our minds completely, but this sadly cannot happen or else we might stop mating and eating, or beating each other up.

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