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"Neutrality is not dead," said the Swiss Ambassador to the United Nations, "It is just not so relevant anymore." - New York Times

REVOLOUTION MEGAPHONE PRIMARY CONTRACTOR: All revolts will be ordered by the date they are recieved. For now, there is no need to wait your turn, you may all shout out at once for all we care…

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2007-06-18, Revolution. An Alternative Presidential Pardon:

Lets face it, whetheor or not you voted for Bush or ever even liked him–you’ve got to admit, he’s creating a new space for himself as the last president you’d want on your junior high kick-ball team, soon he’ll get thumbed just past Jimmie Carter ‘79, the man needs something…something SUBstantial!-sbutmitted by Richie Zevin

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2006-04-16, Revolution. America’s Church:

What is the relationship between the culture and character of a nation and the possibility of transposing the character of a nation’s church? There’s no transubstantiation at this Easter, but you can count on some Trans-Atlanticism.

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2005-01-05, Dr. Yarrum. Unified Theory of Philosophy:

In what may indeed be Dr. Yarrum’s opus… posted here now, after his passing….
“All other so-called philosophies constitute an industry, a .source of income and notoriety that fights to perpetuate itself for its own glory.”

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2004-01-25, Revolution. The Sovereign Google-Bomb and Jennifer Lopez Naked Party.:

What is a Google-Bomb? What is a Jennifer Lopez Naked Party? What exactly is the Sovereign Google-Bomb? Learn the answers to these questions and more, in Paul’s ongoing quest for analysis of cultural modulation and search engine optimization technique.

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2003-12-30, F. Nick Michaels. Proposal 3:

As thousands of wealthy hippies flock to Florida for four days of phishing and Dick Clark gets polished up for another run, we are left to ponder the monotony of the celebration of New Year’s Eve. F. Nick Michaels offers a way to break the chains in Proposal 3

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2003-06-13, Daniel P. Beckmann. The 4th DI-mension:

06.13.03 Length X Width X Hieght X Time= are the 4 DI-mensions known to man. While it is understood that you can generally see the first three DI-mensions without any additional extension of factory-issued basic human sensual abilities, why is the 4th Dimension, which is equally as important, mostly overlooked in Grown-up society? A call to the masses for life-long maintenance of the 4th DI-Mension-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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2003-06-07, Revolution. Women of the World Unite!:

Betty Freidan! ROLE OVER AND DIE!–eat these lemons! What if the women of the world took over?-would there be peace or still pieces? Women of the World Unite!-submitted by Jessica Glass

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2003-05-15, Revolution. The Search for a basis for the Unified Field Theory:

The Search for a Basis for the Unified Field Theory Yea, sure…I coulda slapped this one in “Research”, but when dissident David Peter Rashid writes about Quantam Physics it brings a revolutionary tinge to my eye!

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2002-09-20, Revolution. What are the animals thinking?:

What do the animals think? Is it just me or does it seem like a zoo out there these days? Level minded zookeepers had better figure out away from keeping the scary and dangerous animals from getting out of their cages so they don’t run a serious muck while crapping all over the place!-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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2002-08-26, Revolution. The Beauty of Brain Symmetry:MathArt:

I’m always tentative about sounding those revolting alarms, but hey, this kid may actually be on to something here…The Beauty of Brian Symmetry: MathArt-submitted by David Peter Rashid

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