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Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.

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2007-04-20, Ambivilen. Those Hyphenated Last Names and The Impending Doom When Two of Them Get Together…:

So I’m new here at Current as evidenced by this being my first blog entry. I won’t get into too much about that now, you know about the whole Cousin Larry driving from Wisconsin to the big city with nothing “gonna stand in his way”… I frankly need to milk the “I’m the new kid [...]

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2006-04-16, Revolution. America’s Church:

What is the relationship between the culture and character of a nation and the possibility of transposing the character of a nation’s church? There’s no transubstantiation at this Easter, but you can count on some Trans-Atlanticism.

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2006-04-15, Criticism. TOMARKEN.COM SLASH two–adolscence:

Never one to be silent with the advent of change, Moderator of Letters Daniel P. Beckmann offers his take on the “little over 4 years of” in which “already so much has happened… We watch here at the brink of some sort of unknown media semblance like none ever before seen.”

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2006-04-14, Criticism. Twelve fragments for future moderation of slash two:’s Moderator of an Arbitrary Moderation Taxonomy, Richard Tebrick, meditates once again on the nature of apropos of the insidious “slash/two.”

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2006-01-04, Ambivilen. Freedom Poems:

This is my long over due next submission to tomarken. Somone was teasing me about Voltaire at work. Or rather about being a head case i assume. My natural defense was to run with their implication that i was a head case. So as i labored i concockted, heh heh, a poem about something i barely know anything about, freedom. The first is in french but is pronounced as written for americans. The next is the translation to english-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent

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2005-09-24, Criticism. Zero-Sum Piracy:

Zero-Sum Piracy is here now, and it will ask you to ask someone how they became a pirate.

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2005-05-05, Daniel P. Beckmann. THE 4 step PRO-cess for IDEA CREATION::

I, Dan Beckmann-Moderator of letters, present the following BRIEF to the Midwestern States University BOARD OF REGENTS with the intention of providing “further proof for your supremecy through lack there of” and to “provide a framework for the further advancement of the Midwestern States marketing moto: “Midwestern States University- What we lack in SOUL, YOU’LL make up for in TIME having spent!”: THE 4 step PRO-cess for IDEA CREATION

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2005-04-10, Mark G. Nugent. Unified Chaos:

I think this one is actual accessible if you take a bit of time to work it out. I think he basically uses the difference between the perception of the physical thing and the “actual reality” of the physical thing to posit part of his theory for Unified Chaos I’m certain if you like this one, it’s the begining of something more, at least that’s how I read it-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent 2

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2005-03-07, Ambivilen. Dude Economics:

Gee, I sure hope that calling this object Dude Economics isn’t a misnomer…For some reason it’s taken me a year to sum up the subjectivity of this balad of how the dude really does need the city and the city folk could one day evolve, if they’re lucky and their technology permits, to become the dude.-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann, Moderator of Letters

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2005-01-10, Ambivilen. Dr. Yarrum’s Not Gone.:

On this very sad day in the history of, and following Beckmann’s touching eulogy to one of the great proponents of the Manifesto, our ardent comrade Dr. Yarrum, I find myself left in a crisis for a response to that event unrespondable. Grasping, then, and in the spirit of Tomarken, I offer the following short and ficticious elegiac words an’ drawrins’ to our departed confederate. He will be missed.

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