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It’s been only a little over 4 years of and already so much has happened… We watch here at the brink of some sort of unknown media semblance like none ever before seen.

At the time that Electronic media was being contemplated at the beginings of Media Theory, it reminds us that people were writing very much similar to the way they are now. The incoming aparatus is virtually not-understandable when compared to the bed that we used to sleep in. Then it was the mechinized structures of cranks and wedgets to the ANALOG electronic systems of televisions and radio frequencies. People worried about the massive pressure to be pushed towards a center stage with all eyes on one central or a few central focuses where before they were semi-autonomous creatures living their lives loosely connected to one another.

We now are leaving approaching the end of the ANALOG and just beginning to scratch the surface of the IN-formation era… remember INFORMATION, does just that, gets things into formation. There are so many appeals for formation these days–more than ever before. It is really confusing for some becuase there isn’t ONE formation any more, there are SO many. I would like to argue that there really aren’t quite enough FORMATIONS yet and that coming soon there will be many many more. The smartest of the smart can’t seem to figure out all the formations that we have right now and the BIG money comes to the first ones who can come up with the most credible method that most everyone agrees on to sorting it ALL out even if that’s even possible.


Who has time any more to read this? Who has time any more to write? Who has time anymore? I would like to introduce here the concept of the all-ominipotent GRANDMA–the one that reads all the FORMATIONS–all of the spatterings that go on that everyone does, but she doesn’t just read them–she remembers them all and most important CARES about all of the various FORMATIONS. This is the audience that the WEBLOG chorale seems to have present in it’s mind whilst it continues to function.

Whilst a great many formations are being had over at the the WEBLOGS, at we’d like to kindly yet emphatically remind you that YOUR GRANDMOTHER DOESN’T WORK HERE(For all you know, NOBODY WORKS HERE, only moderate from a FAR). Yes, we have had grandfatherly figures, we have had regular readers and loyal audiences–who doesn’t at least for a moment? But the BAR to be set here is much different than that of the ALL-OMNIPOTENT GRANDMOTHER. practices SCARCITY!–We do our bestest to respect your TIME, and in doing so we hold this MAN MADE T-SHIRT CONCEPT of TIME up to a very special and powerful light.

/// “DOING WHAT YOU ALWAYS REALLY WANTED TO DO BUT NEVER HAD THE TIME”–This is the corporate research park development where tomarken is located next to…

Lets face it, I don’t know exactly what you’re thinking, but whether it be a STAR TREK EPISODE or even the latest JULIA ROBERTS TELENOVELA, introduce the TIME ELEMENT to any story and you’ve got suspense and stress. While we practice SCARCITY at TOMARKEN.COM in our PUT UP or THROW OUT editing practice–we DONT practice SCARCITY in terms of our CREATING PROCESS (not everything gets up and it certainly does not do so INSTANTANEOUSLY…so what would be the point of sending us your irrelevant daily gists if it may not appear till a week from Wednesday>?)–Richard and I were talking, what this FUTURE IN REVERSE concept is suggesting to you all, is that if you’re caught up in your various formations, if you can’t even take a shit anymore in privacy–TOMARKEN.COM IS SUSPENDED TIME.

When you contribute to TOMARKEN.COM you should be doing so on SUSPENDED TIME. IN doing so, you will pass on the SUSPENSION to those who read it. For example… if you are pressured to consume this product or go to this film or show up at this venue… ALL of those things that CREATE that “I DON’T HAVE TIME”–if you were to pull away from that momentum for a period of time, write something down that is TOMARKEN worthy, we will store it in TIME for all prosperity and then you are free to move on about your business.

While all past credos listed below still STAND, the FUTURE in REVERSE is more prevelent than ever and needs to be FIRMLY INNAGURATED right here, right now. Whether you’re reading, writing, producing, eating, snorting, farting, whatever ING– should NOW yield a suspension of these timely pressures in ORDER to “DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO DO”

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