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Freedom Poems

Mark G. Nugent, Intervalist
01/4/05-Bozeman, MT

“OO SCOO” -en fran says-

mawn say luh prem ee eh ee day
dah lay ee tah san rrr wah

ehk see aww mow frr air
pro doo ee lee day

doo lay doo wah
mawn ehh ehk see aww

matt in aww say luh tam
poor luh vray mah eh tah

poor leh nay ee sans
lay doo

may ill yah jus
say too


“HELP” -in english-

mind is the first idea
in the state without a king

actions my brother
make the ideas

of the right.
mind with actions

now that is the time
for the true state

for the novel

but there is only
that is all

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