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2002-08-29, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Three: is a valuable forum for diverse opinions to be aired. There is no limit to the topics contributors feel that they want to post. I was struck by the contrast in tone of the last two articles that our moderator thought worthy of our attention.

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2002-08-26, Revolution. The Beauty of Brain Symmetry:MathArt:

I’m always tentative about sounding those revolting alarms, but hey, this kid may actually be on to something here…The Beauty of Brian Symmetry: MathArt-submitted by David Peter Rashid

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2002-08-23, Daniel P. Beckmann. Birds of Passage:

08.23.02. Many want look back at the late 60s with a twinkle in their eye as they ask of today’s Baby Boomer generation:What happened?. With scandals, greed, intolerance, mass death, destruction and a war nobody quite understands not yet irradiated from the planet, have the boomers lost their way since they took charge? Maybe not…Birds of Passage-a study into the Class of 1970 at Washington University in St. Louis-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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2002-08-22, Research. Jello and Other things…PART TWO:

Have you been up nights wondering how our young and idealistic teacher is fairing against those Dangerous Minds of the Bronx?…Rest assured, we’ve lifted another email from the galaxy just for you! Jello and Other things…PART TWO-stolen with permission from A. B. H.

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2002-08-20, Criticism. Journalism School/Shmornalism School:

As I stand less than three weeks away from receiving my very own Masters in the Science of Journalism I am offered more proof that even the monuments can crumble. Journalism School/Shmornalism School-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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2002-08-18, Criticism. Down with Modern Love!:Forward:

Here at, we pride ourselves as resting on a particular space on the political spectrum. To find it, conservatives must look far towards the right and liberals must look far towards the left or something like that…we get confused. Down with Modern Love!:Forward the Phallocracy Part I-submitted by Nels Frye

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2002-08-16, Ambivilen. Double Vision Collusion:

Its a story of unions, corporations, drugs, and the rock ‘n roll between them. How they all used Double Vision to get the job done.

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2002-08-15, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Two:

It was Balzac who said, “Behind every great fortune is a crime.” A crime is committed only when a law is broken.

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2002-08-12, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day One:

I have always loved quotations, epigrams and the like. It goes back to the Sunday mornings of my childhood when I would jump into bed with my father with a copy of Elbert Hubbard’s Scrap book. It was loaded with pithy sayings chosen by Hubbard and was my introduction to the wisdom of the world. I would read each one to my dad waiting for his opinion…

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2002-08-04, Research. A Case Study: September 11th and The American Reaction:

Sept. 11th, now a cliche, fortified patriotism in this country to build a base of support for the all-encompassing War against the suprise attack against civilians in some strategic places. Hmmm…A Case Study: September 11th and The American Reaction-submitted by Elie S. Badesch

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