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Monologs with Murray, Day Three

Day Three is a valuable forum for diverse opinions to be aired. There is no limit to the topics contributors feel that they want to post. I was struck by the contrast in tone of the last two articles that our moderator thought worthy of our attention.

“Math Art” by David Rashid and “Down wit Modern Love” by Nels Frye. Nels Frye has, at a very young age, examined the full range of options available in the future, and found them all wanting. They are banal, boring and preprogramed.
All erudite and beautifully expressed.

Mr. Rashid , on the other hand is oblivious to the pressure of society,and is fascinated by the beauty of mathematics. His enthusiasm and the pleasure he gets from his pursuit of an abstraction,carries us joyfuly along with him. We may know nothing about math but that is not important.
He is painting a picture.
He is writing a poem.

Nels Frye writes about the “will”. “Why shouldn’t the individual just follow his or her real governing forces? Each being has a will”. We know that each person is born with a personality preinstalled. We know that the environment of the first formative years impresses itself deep into the psyche. Where is that part of the personality, the will, that has escaped the emotional input imposed by birth and environment?

I believe that the marked difference in tone between David Rashid and Nels Frye is one of basic emotional attitude, equally valid and equally respected.

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