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The Beauty of Brian Symmetry: MathArt

David Peter Rashid
08.24.02-Columbus, OH

Unaware of its beauty and over-whelming presence, the inadvertent quest for universal symmetry has sewn itself into the fabric of our space-time continuum. My future thesis, dimensional analysis, would have some prospect in this general area in attempt to search for a general basis of universal symmetry. As many are well aware, these are fascinating and crazy times within the realm of physics, as they have been for the past 30 years. The search for quantum unity has created a mechanical method that has become more bizarre the closer we look. The quest of quantum mechanics and Einstein’s undisputable Special and General Theory of Relativity has created a crack within the center of physics evolution, two powerful theories of which really have no dependence or reliance upon the other. On one side, in attempt for macro-scale symmetry, deals with domains as large as the universe itself. On the other side, an attempt for micro-scale symmetry has done nothing but created more questions and confusion (as well as particles!).

I don’t really know what dimensional analysis is yet, like any other mathematician unto a new idea, I only see glimpses of its unity once in awhile, sometimes arising on a walk to class, other times coming into light seconds before I fall asleep. The questions I ask arose when I read Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time back some 12 years ago. Ever since then, I feel entangled and powerless by its ability, a mere being who may dedicate my life in search of its potential. Its place in the realm of theories lies next to the ever more popular Superstring Theory, the theory that has made a huge impact these past 20 years. The Superstring Theory is one that stands alone in many ways, a theory that has questioned the ability of our mathematical method and process. Its objective is simple, and it is for that reason that makes it so complicated. The objective is to define our universal basis as one-dimensional filaments that stretch infinitely. These "rubber strings" of Planck length vibrate in resonance pattern, creating mass proportional to its energy. Nonetheless, it is unique by the fact its objective is nothing derived of this world. All other theories that I know of have tried to answer questions by the fact of what they have sensed: why does the apple fall from the tree? Superstring theory supposes, what if this was true?, how would the universe react as a consequence? It is this metaphysical genre where dimensional analysis arises as well, proclaiming that matter is gravitationally trapped light. I wish to dig deeper, supposing that the universe consist of one unique particle, one unique force, the photon and the gravitron.

Dimensional analysis also gets into why the world is nothing but composed of two equal but opposite sets. There is two of everything, both of which are equal in order, yet opposite. Positive and negative, up and down, left and right brain, etc. We have also become aware of its universal presence, creating philosophical explanations like ying and yang, heaven and hell, truth and lie, the 0s and 1s of our digital world, and so on. I have argued with others that there also exists another possible set, a set that connects the two opposite yet equal sets. It would be the zero on the number line, the corpus callosum of the brain, the set that determines if the two opposite yet equal sets exist. You are probably wondering, this sounds nothing like a bunch of Buddha hogwash, but its this very metaphysical direction that classic physics is looking into to seal that horrific crack.

So the universe has two equal yet opposite sets to everything, what does this have to do with MathArt? Like everything else, the brain contains to equal yet opposite sides, the left and right lobe. I am fascinated with the brain, with its function, and how specific areas are responsible for an immeasurable number of specific characteristics. These two lobes are two separate worlds, each with its own personality. The left lobe even dominates and tries to convince the other during certain situations.

Universal symmetry can only be scene when both sides are equally accounted for. The universe has naturally created these two equal yet opposite sets for everything, one can only start decomposing its fundamentals when standing in the middle. The left and right lobes interact and communicate more when a drug such as acid has been induced, is it coincidence that one feels a sense of universal unity some time after? I am not saying one needs to take drugs to decipher the secrets of our world, but one needs to practice brain symmetry if wishing to ask questions such as the ones I have. My MathArt is a great way to doing so, teaching the logical systematic left lobe to communicate with the creative artistic right lobe.

This first piece that I have shown was thought up a few years ago. Bored out of my mind in one of my classes, I sketched a series of circles, every other overlapping. This series created a wave, subject to mathematical interpretation. I soon developed a sequence of ellipses that behaved the same way, only changing shape with respect to the origin. The origin is the point where the tallest shape intersects the giant "earth line" that glides across the picture. This piece was put unto canvas a few months ago, something like 8 feet by 2 ¬Ĺ feet in size. It may be on display at the Department of Mathematics at the Ohio State University in a few months.

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