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2002-03-31, Daniel P. Beckmann. A Journalist’s journal on reporting in Washington DC on behalf of Montana…:

Sitting in front of me was P.J. who later was to become known as Joe and Katz, who later would become known as simply bald(apparently they too figured out the extra acquomadations provided from exit row seating, although they snagged the diminished recline row)….Back in the day, Katz had been a staunch fan of "Zest Fully Clean" back at Ottawa Hills Elementary in 1986….I claimed to like Ivory<-I didn’t know very much better at the time Katz was right,, now I see.

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2002-03-30, Ambivilen. Buhayar:

As you approach the Spring/Summer Road Trip Season, you may want to ask yourself ‘Have I got my own Buhayar?”-submitted by Rev. Ben L. Schartman-db

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2002-03-27, Daniel P. Beckmann. A Journalist’s journal on reporting in Washington DC on behalf of Montana…:

Yea, I had been to DC a number of times-there was the trip during high school when we came here in November of 1995 when Clinton shut down the government and I got sick after eating some bad sushi and exposed my insides out all over the bathroom at the Pizzeria UNOin Georgetown, now located within walking distance of where I live now. Yes, I had even been to DC even more recently when I stayed with a college friend and attended one of his politically charged social functions. But this time I was going to be a sort of temporary resident in this town-this town which appears to be made up of people from everywhere, which leaves the question as to what actually makes up a person who is from here.

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2002-03-16, Research. Googlewhacking.:

A few thoughts on Googlewhacking and democracy, as percieved by Moderator of the Real, Richard Tebrick.

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2002-03-14, Criticism. Right On Man:

Here’s a plea to allow for a simplification of all of civilIzation’s complex ‘b’ ’s’ in order to clear the way for what might just be really important in life…Right On Man -submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent-db

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2002-03-12, Ambivilen. Letter from the Crazy Man:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go bonkers after attending a small liberal arts college? Hear the story of one “Crazy Boy Jones” in another addition of telling “it” like “it” is. (Rather than ought to be I suppose, becasue isn’t is out of the question for “it.”)-submitted by Citizen Genet-db

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2002-03-06, Msme. C. S. V. Boyairre. Boyairrisms: Religious Outcry:

They couldn’t take it anymore and even though they didn’t like each other all that much, they united and they struck back.

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2002-03-05, Criticism. Dead Author’s Manual:

Dead Author’s Manual.”Would I have to be an idealist to say that men ought to only do what they enjoy and that choosing to do otherwise is a reflection of ones lack of a strong human instinct. I say that big brother is not watching you but has been dead for centuries and was born of authors who have forced a single packaged life for their ancestors.”-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent-db

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2002-03-04, Adam K. Chorney. NBA Inaction, On ABC:

BREAKING STORY HEARD HERE FIRST! NBA inaction, on ABC I felt compelled to put this bit in Revolution!! Gather the troops together on this one, its the birth of tomarken’s 1st bone fide cause!-submitted by Adam K. Chorney-db

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2002-03-03, Msme. C. S. V. Boyairre. Boyairrisms: Nature’s Wrath:

The local media and their fascination with those natural occurrences in nature never ceases to amaze me. Headlines like “Tree fall on House” or the broadcast stock phrase “The White Stuff’ show just how vulnerable our complex civil-I-zation still apparently is to the unexpected wrath nature.

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