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Mark G. Nugent, Intervalist
Toledo, OH - 3.14.02

Right on Man!
In a goofy universe the right for all to say “right on man” must rule. The first card must be lain before others can follow suit. The right to life is the greatest of all but acting either primarily or secondarily on inspiration makes it a true LIFE above any possible authority. Its anybodys game but today I have to put “a stench of living dead” award to the boring testemonies of the spooky side of things those who speak of dull explanations for the unknown. Cause you ain’t all that and all that ain’t you and whatever “that” is, it still is “this” a little bit too. Stand up and admit it, you can’t count your god damned blessings, but you can calculate your possibilities. Even if god counts, don’t try to count on the infinite you pompous god pushers who garble innocent gullivers.

Who dare to separate the good from the evil based on an ill defined God. Hey you I saw you praying for my soul! Why not concentrate your efforts on the issue and describe the realm that “God” inhabits and the relevance of this entity to our natures. Lookie here you, I’ll give it a stab, and I’ll call it the 90 degrees of discontinum to freedom from reality and over zealous proponents of a particular non reality.

Theoretically the life that exists at the end of the universe could, as time drew to a close, influence the eventual recreation of life within the same universal gap that the halting life once knew. They would have more time to calculate and consider than ever! (Consult entropy) As well this arrangement of my universe would have every atom at its disposal. But life then would be forced to live as one heavy elemental robot Buddha. As a creature in a dynamic universe I would only be capable of garnishing influence from the blob upstairs, by “God”, in a third step relationship through the appropriate portion of the non-time-related, non-universe, non-nascent-universe infinite summation of universal existences the Blah God, informing the perfect form of a living universe existing on the brink of timelessness and then sending this packet back to my hypothetical position among all the possible ones of this universe.

Think about it. What is the only thing the mono life/non-life universe could do, meditate. This form must have a chance of existence since randomness exists and once existing it would be able to calculate the very details of our own existence. And be able to in the first perspective timeless ending relay bits of the unknowable to itself by nature of its near non-activity. Relaying from the lowest of all vibrations, cascading and crescendoing the answer to the process whereby it must effect the past and how a three-way link up can be made. And thus the mind like a tuning fork can dwell in third hand revelation from the eternal forest or playground or music hall or infernal confessional or whatever silliness is replicated in the listener. So sure and imaginable god could imaginably contact you but imaginably you can say stuff it deity! Perhaps that’s exactly what the slice of the eternal needed to hear, a flat out rejection. Look at your self in a mirror, eternity in Louie the 16th Versailles, what do you see everything so do you remember the time when I said stuff it and you said whatever floats your boat I was just joking around with your universe sorry to have bothered you.

As for you humans. Give me some thing to work with you sound like a broken record. Who cares about your three-letter word if it is so ill defined and randomly applied. Other Atheists have agreed with me on this theory. I try not to belittle the other side but you Godheads can be so damn exclusionary. Seek Truth my brothers and sisters!

I should clarify; all possible universes exist horizontally, in time, if you will. The “God” I hypothesize exists vertically. The two kinds are connected when a universe such as ourselves exists because on the basis of things we are gobbldy-gewk (light bends to grav, light moves matter, matter shapes grav etc) and the entire entity of “God” is gobbldy-gewk. (The dreams, stories and forms of all universal existences and nothingness) The idea supporting the structure of this “God” is the fact that universes either are nascent and immotile or in flux and developing. These two states in summation with an infinite number of universes would constitute the eternal existence of everything. A fifty-foot Mz piggy and a universe where my teeth fall out of my head this berry instant!

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