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"Neutrality is not dead," said the Swiss Ambassador to the United Nations, "It is just not so relevant anymore." - New York Times

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2002-03-03, Criticism. Right on Man!:

Here’s a plea to allow for a simplification of all of civilIzation’s complex ‘b’ ’s’ in order to clear the way for what might just be really important in life…Right On Man -submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent-db

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2002-03-02, Criticism. NOTHING LEFT BUT LIES:

Nothing Left But Lies When highly rated Ted Koppelovich is silenced to make way for Stupid Tricks of wasting your time before you die it could mean lives lost…-submitted by Moderator of Letters, Daniel P. Beckmann

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2002-03-01, Dr. Yarrum. Chaos?:

How do we live in a world in which order is an illusion vital for the conduct of a social system? The evidence that Chaos is the true state of the world is so vast as to be undeniable. How to live with Chaos is an interesting and amusing study. We do it all the time but cling to Illusion as much more comfortable. With enough honesty we may be just as comfortable with Chaos. We must find the laws that govern it and be comfortable again.

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