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Mark G. Nugent, Intervalist
Toledo, OH - 7:35AM, 3.05.02
Why do we live as is we are the forgotten squabbling cast in a drama written by a few long dead and poorly informed yet famous politically grounded authors?

At its best the machines that make a society should operate on human instinct. The development of infrastructure, culture, and understanding however need not follow any guidelines and at best is unhampered by the needs of our human condition. Adrenaline filled bodies are often tied to an environment of violence and a reality of suffering but the fear and rage experiences, other than tweaking the neurons and blood pressure, need not relate to any particular, or common, socially significant psychological reaction to the physiological state. Some fellers are drawn to the intensity and prefer to fight as a carrier. They train each other in this practice in what we call a military and they provide selective oppression to gain local funds to support their pleasure. Fundamentally they are very similar to the musicians that might protest the imperial acts of their home state.

Would I have to be an idealist to say that men ought to only do what they enjoy and that choosing to do otherwise is a reflection of ones lack of a strong human instinct. I say that big brother is not watching you but has been dead for centuries and was born of authors who have forced a single packaged life for their ancestors. For this reason the sign of true vision is not taking ones self seriously. Greed is only an idea an abstraction. All ideas are formulated by the living but only in the making of the idea is the life present in it. Any other person who confronts this original idea has in essence created it anew within another mind. There is no natural law that forces us to abide by the constructs of dead men. Somehow we burden ourselves with this task as if it were a proven fact that mankind is degrading generation by generation.

We shy away from asserting new uses for the deepest part of ourselves, our instinctual energies. What is degrading us is the light-footed prance we have as we move on to re-inhabit the ghettos and swallow the traditional recipes for rancid old failures and demean new possibilities as threats. When attention and love are the ingredients for any young cause to rise up healthy and return the favor. Any one of us could be the wise fool who speaks truth in this bawdy, base, drama if we would only shy away from the ignorant distraction by way spiteful greed, empty show worship, and life-loathing conflict. An attitude of mirth can defeat the heavy shackles of the wickedly hopeless that seek to tarnish the shine of a bright soul with damning accusational cries of idealism.

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