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03.03.02-Nature’s Wrath

The local media and their fascination with those natural occurrences in nature never ceases to amaze me. Headlines like “Tree fall on House” or the broadcast stock phrase “The White Stuff’ show just how vulnerable our complex civil-I-zation still apparently is to the unexpected wrath nature.

During a snow-storm, if you are fortunate enough to get out of your home and drive away, you may get warnings to ‘head back’, stay at home! Don’t even bother going out because as they remind you in case you didn’t notice that ‘hey it’s snow-snow-snowing’—they warn you all across the dial. I mean who really listens to the radio unless they are outside of their house anyway? If I am at home, I would hope that I would be able to pop in my favorite CD and not be subject to the crap that their computer thinks that I need.

The interesting part of this is that they are telling you what it’s like outside when they are normally sitting inside a room with no windows. I think it’s even more likely that those fat-ass radio people will waddle over to the door to get a ‘man-on-the-scene’ report of the white stuff falling from the sky.

In cave-man times, maybe their loud mouths would yell about “Water in Cave” or when a fire got to smoldery it’s probably an attack of that horrid “grey stuff” again and would probably lead their daily yellings.

One Response to “Boyairrisms: Nature’s Wrath”
  1. Dr. Yarrum, on April 9th, 2006 at 7:03 pm, said:

    Recieved Tuesday, March 05, 2002 4:34 PM from Dr. Yarrum:

    But, seriously, folks!
    When this was an agricultural country, weather was all important. It’s also a good way of starting a conversation with a stranger if one comes into your living room.
    But even more seriously, it is part of the dumbing down process that seems to be inherent in making profits for the commercials which are often more interesting than the weather report.
    When Lincoln and Douglas debated ,without amplification, crowds of common citizens traveled miles to hear them.
    The quality of the debate was memorable. These men were orators. And the people came to hear them and understood the gravity of the issues.
    I am sure that those people are genetically the same as the ones who saw the notorious Bush-Gore “debates”, where a shrug or a sigh of exasperation was really significant.
    Alas! —————

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