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"Neutrality is not dead," said the Swiss Ambassador to the United Nations, "It is just not so relevant anymore." - New York Times

AMBILIVEN’S CLOUD NINE RESIDING AUTHORITY: Hopefully you have been to some of the other areas, becuase by now you should know that until there is some sort of ’semblance’ in this category, the objects here will be displayed in order of the date published.
Many have also questioned our spelling of this category-implying that it may indeed spelled wrong…ya know…”where’s the customary ‘c’ and ‘e’?” Well, we don’t have to defend our spellings to you or any of your other cronies over there on ‘Chauncey Hill’-so shove it! And while you’re out doing that, please also notice that we spell this category the same way everywhere you see it, in order to further justify the sovereignity of category-nation….
Yes…thus is the art of ambivilen…

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2004-03-24, Ambivilen. Nerd Words:

For those who “Want to read the dictionary but simply don’t have the timeNerdWords!

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2004-03-08, Ambivilen. “This is the American Dream”:

All Americans, row by row, one single tribe united together behind their tele-visions proclaiming This is the American Dream-submitted by Richie Zevin

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2003-07-31, Ambivilen. Lets see the body:

Some may consider this object to be in rather “poor taste” with consideration to Mr. Hope’s recent death. But when you run a website with no ads, poor taste is what you can afford. Lets see the body!

Front page image for THE TOMARKEN INTERVIEW SERIES: Saddam Hussein in Middle America at
2003-07-17, Ambivilen. THE TOMARKEN INTERVIEW SERIES: Saddam Hussein in Middle America:

07.17.03 Interview Series. What do Dave Thomas, Deceased founder of Wendys and horrible dictator Saddam Huessien have in common? IN “Exclusive Tomarken interview” conducted several months ago and only uncovered just recently by Intervalist C.S.V. Boyairre, he found Saddam Huessien in Middle America

Front page image for Senate Intern Love on the Rocks:You Suck at
2003-07-14, Ambivilen. Senate Intern Love on the Rocks:You Suck:

07.14.03 Oh to be in love, be powerful and of course the house in Aspen-The Quinessential Senate Summer Intern Romance(R). This summer, however, a shattering story of how the affair between two very powerful coffeecopymakers in the office of Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson(R) ended smashed on the rocks of the smoggy Potomac

Front page image for A timely spring romance at
2003-04-28, Ambivilen. A timely spring romance:

A Timely Spring Romance Yet another sexual exploit that our most powerful porn-o-grpahic constituency can write home about in order to pump up our numbers-submitted by Caitlin E. Dorsey

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2003-04-27, Ambivilen. Emphemera:

Dear Tomarken, Please consider the first four chapters of Ephemera for publication on your site. This is still a work in progress, but I would like to see how the beginnings are received. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Sincerely, Dora Christine Villarosa

Front page image for A Letter to save 'War in Iraq' at
2003-04-08, Ambivilen. A Letter to save ‘War in Iraq’:

It takes leadership these days to take a pointed stand in favour of the WAR in IRAQ–that’s exactly was C.S.V> Boyairre is advising to his former congressman which employed his free service way back when times were much simpler…–A Letter to save ‘War in Iraq’

Front page image for State of the Union at
2003-03-02, F. Nick Michaels. State of the Union:

Now that we’ve had some time, here’s BOOSH’s State of the U again, as interpeted by F. Nick Michaels Do you remember it quite this way?

Front page image for Lump at
2003-01-26, Ambivilen. Lump:

As this late January snow blankets most of the Eastern United States…lets reflect on this proof that Mass., the state that was once the home to the famed Puritans, should not be confused with a place to find the fabled Good Sumaritans…Lump-submitted by Dora C. Villarosa

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