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2002-10-26, Ambivilen. The INVOICE:

We’ve put up words, art and even a little muiltimedia here and there, but those aren’t the only things that under our shady parameters are considered objects worthy of publication. BEHOLD!->Our very 1st INVOICE to avoid the zero sum gain(R)!-submitted by mufop

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2002-10-24, F. Nick Michaels. One MO Senate Debate:

Oh Mel!…Sure, you were a mediocre governer at best, but if you wouldn’t have died so tragically days before your election in 2000, we either wouldn’t have had Attorney General Ashcroft becuase you would have lost, or maybe you would have won, but either way we would not been forced to live through One MO Senate Debate. BUT, you croked so now F. N. Michaels brings his vast debate scoring experience to decide who won this sham on the few merits the candidates offered.

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2002-10-21, Adam K. Chorney. Christina Riccis’ Big Head:

Sure, its been a little over six months since tomarken’s exhaulted # 2 Guy has stepped up to the plate. Now his long awaited 3rd Transaction(with many more to come I’m sure…) Christina Ricci’s Big Head-submitted by Adam K. Chorney

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2002-10-17, F. Nick Michaels. Inspired by Sept. 11th:Commercialism and Jingoism:

I don’t know about you, I really don’t…but I am tired of hearing not only Sept. 11th, but especially the events of Sept. 11th. Maybe I’m not alone…but there is a reason for all of this you should know, Inspired by the events of Sept. 11th:Commercialism and Jingosim-submitted by F. Nick Michaels

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2002-10-10, Ambivilen. This Note from Aussie Andrew:

10.10.02 This one night I befriended this Kiwi(new Zealander), this Canadian logger from Vancouver Island who hated America because he blames them for closing down his mill(he now spends his days surfing) and this Aussie named Andrew from Perth who, after several hours of drinking and after the others went home, he handed me this note…

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2002-10-05, Criticism. Civilian International Intellegence:Damaged, deaf & blind:

You may not know this but right now, your foriegn intellegence abroad-the International Press Crop. may all just be sipping wine, livin’ the life on their house boat on the Seine, tracking Christiane Amanpour to see where they’ll all go next. Is it their fault that most of America is not intelligent enough to know why they are hated?-submitted by Dan Beckmann

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