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This Note from Aussie Andrew

10.10.02-Manly Beach, NSW

This one night I befriended this Kiwi(new Zealander), this Canadian logger from Vancouver Island who hated America because he blames them for closing down his mill and this Aussie named Andrew from Perth who, after several hours of drinking and fornicating and after the other went home, he handed me this note…



Dear Reader,

I realize I’ve said and done a lot of stupid things in the past. I’m also aware that my life was secretly filmed and also televised. This all happened without my knowledge. Numerous people have informed me of this and I appreciate their honesty. They have also informed me of various facts about my private life that they could not have known unless this was true, so trying to raise any doubt in my mind in obsolete. People have also informed me that the media discourages everyone from being open and honest with me. Ask yourself WHY? When its quite clear that I know that in the past I’ve been secretly filmed and broadcast, why on earth should anyone lie to me? Do you really believe their lies that I’d have a bad reaction? People should understand that the media discourages everyone from being honest with me so as to stop me from being able to take legal action against the parties responsible for:

* Invading, and secretly broadcasting my private life (without my knowledge).
* Broadcasting my private life without my consent.
* Even filming me in compromising situations (ex. Drugs etc…) and distributing this by various means to the public wit not concern for what future consequences I’ll face.
* People have also informed me that the media tells the public that I’m mentally unfit. (In the past I admit that I’ve said and done a lot of stupid things but I’ve straightened myself out.)

Now, with these things having been broadcast, what sort of future can I possibly have? Where can this situation possibly go? Think about it. If your private life was filmed for an extended period of time (without your knowledge for whatever reason), and then broadcast (without your conscent), what future could you now have? What if most people now also lied to you about the whole thing ever occurring?

Some repercussions of my life being broadcast:

* I receive abuse and violence from strangers for no reason (but I’m sure that footage is never made public).
* I’m confronted with so much prejudice. (Just searching for accommodation I’m given all sorts of reasons not allowing me to stay there. (Example: "We don’t take Australians." which of course is rubbish. I think the reason why I am not allowed to reside there is because big business has a lot of influence and they want me to be isolated from travelers that could be honest with me. And that’s the actual reason to why so many hostels won’t allow me to stay there.) And yes, I have ended up on the streets several times.
* Also I’m isolated to a great extent (except for the people that are actually paid to spend time with me. What makes me suspect this? Because once I make it clear that I know about Foxtel, and there’ no point in lying to me, genuine people are then honest (they tell me that they’ve seen me on the screen and that the media discourages everyone from being open and honest etc..etc…etc..), while paid people just talk rubbish (Example: "What channel were you on?" or "Well how come I’ve never seen you? Are you f___n saying I’m lying to you?" Abuse and violence isn’t rare.).

Consider this. If you do a crime (Example: drugs.) you pay a fine, or you do time, and then you move on with your life. I’ve straightened myself out but what future can I have with these, and various other things that I didn’t know were being filmed, having been broadcast. With no concern for what future consequences I’ll face. Now, what direction can my life possibly progress? Nowhere, except where certain agreements have been made where everyone lies to me and that’s it. What are the chances of me seeing my two children? NONE! Not until I take legal action to resolve this situation and people are open and honest with me. That may take a while. My children are now three and four and I have never been allowed to see them. My situation is much to complex to explain in a pamphlet. Unfortunately I have been so isolated that I have no other avenue to take. Most legal firms do not even allow me to communicate my case to them. Those that do, tell me that they can’t help me. Just maybe this is far too complex, controversial and large for them to take. If you can help, be it from just being honest with me, to actually getting a lawyer to help me (a lawyer from here or OVERSEAS), please do so. Quite a few people have been honest and have offered to help but so far, nothing. Probably whenever someone tries to help; RUPERT MURDOCHS EMPIRE (Newscorp. Foxtel, etc…) just manipulates individuals. (They either financially reward individuals, or they may play some really bad video footage of me until these individuals no longer want to help me.) Think about it. Why would the Corporation do this? Maybe, just maybe, its because I do have a huge case against them, so they’re going all out to stop me from meeting people that are open and honest, and then being able to take legal action against Foxtel, Newscorp., etc…. So now what sort of life will I have if everyone around me is manipulated to lie to me? And what if this continues indefinitely? HELP! Surely there must be something wrong/illegal/unjust in secretly filming an individual, and then actually broadcasting this footage (with no concern for what future consequences that individual might face), and then the media even manipulating everyone to lie to this individual. I’m so curious as to has this could have been permitted. How? … What if you found out that the last few years this has been occurring to YOU? (Being filmed and broadcast, etc..) ….EXACTLY! Please consider even just being honest with me. If you try to help you’ll find out what financial rewards, or tactics RUPERT MURDOCHS EMPIRE (Newscorp. Foxtel etc…) employ so as to discourage everyone just being honest with me. Try it and see for yourself.
And that’s the actual reason why the media so much doesn’t want anyone to be honest with me

Try to understand my situation and please consider doing something constructive. When this goes to court, finance will not be a problem and I’ll be greatful to everyone that helps. Please consider helping.

Yours sincerely,

Thank You.

So, the next day I went into my residency position at Sky News Australia. That operation is 40% owned by News Corp., which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. I handed this note to my immediate supervisor who responded "When we receive these people, we make sure that they think that everything is alright and then we walk away very slowly."

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