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With our ironclad garuantee of avoiding the zero sum gain, we are now your new home of the post-post structuralist interveiw scheme! No more scripts…no more couchs or fake mics from the 50s that aren’t even plugged in! We’ve thrown all that crap out the window.

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2002-09-25, Criticism. In the Womb:

Ya tired of politics? Maybe ya think its the fart between the idea and something actually getting done? Well its a good thing that tomarken’s not a political website! So when we have something that you might say is political, rest assured, it always avoids the zero sum gain…garuanteed! In the Womb-submitted by intervalist, Mark G.Nugent

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2002-09-24, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Four:

I just had a wonderful dream / I was in a large hall listening to a middle aged nun at the podium. She was fervently addressing the audience on her God and her faith, obviously seeking to convert unbelievers to come forward and join her order. After listening to her for some time, I walked close to the podium and interrupted her. “You are working too hard” I said, You are not convincing any one in this audience…

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2002-09-22, Research. Bio Art:

I’m not really sure if BioArt is the most accurative way to describe this. All that I know is that there is a small universe of those who are smart enough to be doctors, yet love living themselves enough to be artists-submitted by Jana Shoenberger

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2002-09-20, Revolution. What are the animals thinking?:

What do the animals think? Is it just me or does it seem like a zoo out there these days? Level minded zookeepers had better figure out away from keeping the scary and dangerous animals from getting out of their cages so they don’t run a serious muck while crapping all over the place!-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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