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In the Womb

Mark G. Nugent,Intervalist
09.19.02-Gambier, OH

Will the American project ever lead to something novel and noble?

America seems to operate such that our efforts bring us to nowhere in particular, yet always somewhere new. When a novelty brings us somewhere that we perceive to be good we incorporate it and accept it in our lives. Why do we embrace this upset and change while other people fight to retain a historical kind of dignity. Did we ever have true dignity as a people. Perhaps we must redefine what it is to be human and then America can become the Mecca for this new existence. Then will the true and noble America emerge and from there we can stand for the unique homegrown dignity that will make us a real player. I suggest that our country is still in the womb. Our brain is soft and we are dumb and cannot hold our eyes strait. Yet in this state we seem to be without rival in strength. We most certainly will wield great power later but at present we are blind and do not know the ways of the world that we will emerge into. When the critical point is reached we will shift from preparing to be into actually being.

America did not invent freedom for all citizens and rights for all residents and respect for all of mankind. We are not the source of the ideas that ground our hypothetically benevolent system. There is something which makes us different in these times, chance is alive here at all levels of our society. And when one of us believes that they have hit upon something worthwhile it is not automatically disregarded as evil because it is alien. Our governing body uses its power to protect the capital of the individual citizen, even in cases where there are heartfelt efforts of the large numbers of people who view it as a threat to their welfare. This oppression of the mob may be the very thing that ensures that we see our mistakes through. In this way the system is forced to consider the impact of a new dynamic, such as a labor practice. If an art gallery were to be funded and built in a district that did not appreciate the artistic content, the government would have the duty to protect it. The vision would be guarded. Also if a religious leader set up his ministry on private property those beliefs would be protected from any violent method of silencing it.

A proper American, in these times of prenatal development, seems to be one who perpetuates the system, whither he believes it to have an end or not, or shoots for the jackpot, whither he intends this to bring goodness to mankind or just to himself. A project of the incorporation of the novel fails only when a creation has passed the test of time. The opposition moves the protest to one of the highest and slowest forces of the land. If they deem it worthy of their attention and inconsistent with the supposed aim of the country they either modify the exposure of the threat or make law to deny the right of its practice. The best example of this is in the supreme court. They didn’t always make law and they certainly didn’t start out making decisions of such importance. I think they are the true American leaders. The fact that they granted themselves such power that they now hold, that they value novelty rather than the a mechanical technical expertise they are supposed to busy themselves with. They wanted to be in on the big one. They wanted to get Americans accustomed to the kind of decision they may be forced to make when America must face the pain of there own birth.

I am claiming that at present the true “aim of the country” is to act similar to a contestant on the Price is Right. Bob (life) serves up to you a fantasy with new luggage that you desire greatly to acquire (your hopes for a good life for yourself or everyone) now you search the audience and randomize and estimate at the right price (a plan that will distinguish you from others and grant you high regard and greater impunity relative to your present status) some hit the mark and others miss. But there is more at stake when you gamble with the life you have. For many the risks outweigh their hopes and they wish the game weren’t being played at all and they ignore the whole thing and attempt to be happy without trying to reveal whatever novelty that might lie within them. The chances of failure are high and I am suggesting that there may be a prize out there that the world is begging for, and fearing that, America to develop. It doesn’t matter where in the world the idea comes from, America is the logical testing ground. Will it be the fountain of youth or an electrical power source greater than the sun. I couldn’t say.

I apologize for the excessive use of the word America. And the reason I wanted to try out this argument is because Hegel might have claimed that America (ouch used it again) might eventually begin a new world history. He said it will happen when farmers start competing for land. So what the hey bring on the paradigm shift already. Lets remake humanity. This shit is supposed to be heavy though, like as big as the invention of writing.

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