To the future in reverse...
A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

REVOLOUTION MEGAPHONE PRIMARY CONTRACTOR: All revolts will be ordered by the date they are recieved. For now, there is no need to wait your turn, you may all shout out at once for all we care…

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2002-07-04, F. Nick Michaels. Proposal 2:

Lets face it…the rich have many enemies, especially when considering there’s a whole lot less of them then there are poorer people in this world. Now comes Proposal 2-a way leveling out the playing field so that rich don’t feel so darn isolated!!-submitted by intervalist F. Nick Michaels

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2002-04-24, Mark G. Nugent. Invade EUROPA NOW!:

Invade EUROPA NOW! With the way things are these days, sometimes it may come to mind:Hey, why not leave all this craziness behind and start your own verison somewhere else?…hmm, probably becuase my car has 170,000 miles on it-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent-db

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2002-03-04, Adam K. Chorney. NBA Inaction, On ABC:

BREAKING STORY HEARD HERE FIRST! NBA inaction, on ABC I felt compelled to put this bit in Revolution!! Gather the troops together on this one, its the birth of tomarken’s 1st bone fide cause!-submitted by Adam K. Chorney-db

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2002-02-21, Daniel P. Beckmann. The Robots vs. The Programmers:

“There are two main constructs of my understanding behind these two groups: Ones own understanding of their own actions and Evolutionary Prospects/Mission”…Although I rarely thought I would use this category, on this rare occasion I felt it necessary to share a perspective that I’ve gained in order to a-mass the troops. submitted by Dan Beckmann, Moderator of Letters.-db

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2002-02-07, Revolution. Why make art of the network?:

Why make art in the network? Some introductory thoughts to the upcoming paper The computer art object: (logic && network).-rt

Front page image for KENTUCKY FRIED PHILOSOPHY at
2002-02-02, Dr. Yarrum. KENTUCKY FRIED PHILOSOPHY:

Do humans have the ability with their critically acclaimed ‘institutions’ and ‘complex analytical reasoning’ ever over come the implied ‘pecking order’? submitted by Dr. Yarrum,-db

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