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2004-12-17, Research. Extinction Watch! 2005: American Movie, Guns n’ Roses, and Quantum symmetry.:

Extinction Watch! 2005 Tomarken’s faithful moderator of modulation returns to close out the year with this alarming discovery with regards American Movie, Guns n’ Roses, and quantum physical symmetry. Please read, for all of our safety.

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2004-11-11, Daniel P. Beckmann. Discourse:

This night before the election, with self-righteous, self-serving people canvassing normal places all around the country spreading their doctrine like a leaper in nudist colony–I’d like to raise one last time for that ol’ Discourse Hear Ye, hear ye–May this object milepost these horid times.(In this rare case I actually pleade forgiveness for my sloppiness for I, like many others am a tired, tired man)-submited by Daniel P.Beckmann, Moderator of Letters

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2004-10-04, Dr. Bill Mendelshon. Plenty to Play with through Internet Dating:

Back as if nothing happened… we exhude Dr. Bill’s Triumphant Return!! Embrace his 4th Pillar of Wisdom in Plenty to Play with through Internet Dating–and this time he’s hiting the target audience!-submitted by Dr. Bill Mendelsohn

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2004-10-01, Daniel P. Beckmann. Statement of Moderation #6:

Over 1-Million smashes and I’m happy to report that this place is still alive enough to continue to perplex the faces of those who hold genuine wondermeant as to our intended purpose. Here we shall try again–sprinkling in some conjecture on what structurally may cause such bewilderment in our society–while also clearing up some other accumulating issues-Behold: Statement of Moderation #6 by our count.

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2004-09-21, Ambivilen. List of things that make positive feelings go away:

Fall is upon us…but did FALL make this list??? Are kids getting beat up on school buses as as we read? What’s exactly in the words that you read This. and more…too much more in Richie Zevins’ latest: List of things that make positive feelings go away

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2004-09-20, Ambivilen. hipsters:

For every hipster that I see / that strives against redundancy / I always see another one / that takes redundancy and runs.

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2004-09-02, Ambivilen. Deconstructing hipster<->discourse:

It was a totally organic occurance you should trust…about the same time some members of the tomarken community embarked on a discourse deconstructing the Hipster, Intervalist Dora C. Villarosa sent us Hipsters This matter of coincidence could only be penultimate to a spontaneous windfall of John Deere(R) hats worn by asian girlfriends delivering prose to you on retro 50s style compartmental tv-dinnerware..

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2004-07-05, Ambivilen. evil:

07.05.04. evil. Another story of a discussion of the certainties that one writer associates with evil, in light of these days therein.-submitted by Matt Griffith

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2004-06-28, Criticism. A letter to Michael Moore:

Flint, Michigan…the community that nurtured the career of idealogue, Michael Moore. Provoked from events leading up to his recent outing, fellow rust-beltor Daniel P. Beckmann begets the Sandlerian question, Mr. Moore, are you too good for your home? A letter to Michael Moore

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2004-06-08, Ambivilen. The Great Communicator:

Associations in one’s mind can truly only be achieved by the beholder…in the case of one Ronald’s death this week, we as a country are mourning those associations we had for the man so oftenly referred to as The Great Communicator-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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