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Plenty to Play with through Internet Dating
Dr. Bill Mendelshon
09.21.02-Chicago, IL

It is with great pleasure that I return to all of my wonderful fans and students. During my recent hiatus, I continued to be tormented by this empty feeling. In science, the name of the game is to find answers and to teach others. This passion is found in the heart (and genitals) and must continue to be spread like women’s legs.

After my trilogy of world renowned research was published and all the fame and fortune that came along with it, I must admit, I relaxed and kicked it big pimpin’ style. But the empty feeling inside was the constant reminder that it’s not all about me, at least not directly anyway. Once the carnal knowledge is spread, as discussed in the third research piece- lovin’ bequeaths more lovin’, aka. the more we taste the fruit, the more fruit will be available for the tasting. I realized that while my methods have brought many a true pimp niggas more pussy than they can shake a stick at, it can all be traced back to Lays Potato Chips: You can never eat just one. Similar to money and heroin, once you get some beaver, you just want more.

If we look back to the research I have already published, we learn three basic, yet unimaginably important things: 1. How to get a woman interested in you. 2. How to prioritize the hoards of whores that you have. 3. How to continue scouting and working with new pitchers even when you already have an ace of the staff. My research commenced assuming all of my readers already possessed an undergraduate degree in what Dr. Shakes from India calls "Knowing where the ho’s are." It should be noted that Dr. Shakes also has his MBA in "How to finance the ho’s" and his JD in "How to manipulate the ho’s." He is currently taking classes to get his Master in Education with a specialization in "Teaching ho’s a lesson."

I felt I should take a step back for some of our educationally inadvanced playa’s and focus on the "Where d’em ho’s at" aspect of the game. Of course, a little review session for you more advanced, highly edumacated playa’s like Dr. Shakes, ChornStar, MT and my Florida balla’s is always helpful. The sole focus for this research article will be internet dating. I decided it was high time (after I put my joint down) to dispel the myths and bring to you the truth about the magical world that awaits all men through internet dating.

In truth, women are everywhere, and they always want to be picked up. You show me a woman who doesn’t appreciate an honest compliment, and I’ll show you a black pope.

Dr. Bill’s Patented Strategies®
I do have three places where I won’t try excessively hard to pick up women:1. I never pick up women at work or in work related environments. As we all know from my second article, women have snakes in their heads and inevitable are crazy. Therefore, it’s best not mix work and pimping. You will inevitably meet a hotter woman and ditch the work broad for her. You don’t want it to get ugly, ho’s do snap.

2. I never try and pick up the waitress or bartender. Though these are good opportunities to practice your flirting, the target is not interested. It only seems so to the unsophisticated eye that many of my readers have, but these women are not interested in you. My first article clearly decreed, all women want money. These women are working and in turn are working for your tip. These women get hit on constantly, but I can only say as a general rule and from countless experiences that it would be a waste of time to ask for their number.

3. The gym. This one’s tricky, because I have seen this tactic proven successful, but it is my thought that women are there to work hard and look better so more guys will hit on them. Yes, a gym is a perfect place to really get at the essence of if a woman is hot or not. Tight clothes, no make up, sweat- there’s nowhere to hide at the gym. I say let the poor little bunny’s handle their business in peace. Work hard to lose those thunder thighs, get rid of the ghetto booty, and for god sakes firm up that beer belly. We’ll all be happier if they are left alone to concentrate on looking better.

Aside from those three places, women are everywhere. Obviously bars and clubs, the waterfronts, stores (particularly good place to find women because they are so happy looking at all the nice clothes, they will associate those positive endorphins with you), walking around on the streets, anywhere. But what I am here to share is probably the easiest and most accessible place: the Internet!

I realize internet dating has a stigma. Throw that bullshit out the window. Internet dating is the best thing to happen to our society since the short skirt. What other avenue can you sit around and peruse the sluts you are interested in, talking to every one you want, excluding all the tubby bitches, and rack up dates at little to no cost and effort? I have experience with several different site’s, gathering research of course, and have come to the obvious conclusion that if you like women and want to get a little piece, the internet and dating websites are where it’s at.

I would like to address a few concerns that my readers may have. First, you must keep in mind that there is no stigma involved in internet dating. It has become quite common place, especially in bigger cities. Your friends may heckle you at first, but when they see that you have too many dates than you can handle, they will jump on the bandwagon. What it really comes down to is not how did you get the pussy, but that you got the pussy. Another concern many express in my seminars is that there may be alack of quality in the women or even a lack of numbers. I can assure you through extensive research, there is no lack of quantity. With regards to quality, one piece of advice, always ask for full body pictures. My research team has been burned several times with a picture of a cute face, only to discover that when we meet for dinner, they look like they already ate twice before they came! That said, there are hot women exploring internet dating.

Obviously there are different types of sites out there: Religion specific, dating specific, sex specific. The point it is that it doesn’t matter. Pick a site, pick several sites, whatever your wallet is willing to pay. I must advise that it will be difficult to manage anything more than one membership at a time. The first thing to do when you join a site is to post a flattering, but realistic picture. Then run down the questions and either A. be honest; B. make fun of the questions and the site; or C. lie. It doesn’t really matter because no one ever reads a resume anyway. All they do is look at the picture and judge you by your opening email.

The opening email must be different. All chumps say, "Hi. I liked your profile. What do you think of mine?" Forget about that nonsense. In a flat out sales game like internet dating, you’ve got to sell a good time. Chicks care less about good looks than us superficial guys. But what they do care about is if the guy seems fun and interesting. I suggest a pure numbers play to kick it off. Write one good email, copy it, and send it to all the women you find attractive. It does not matter what you say, just make sure you get off the bleachers- be different! Ask them what pisses them off, ask them what their bad habits are, ask them what’s their most embarrassing moment was, ask them anything that makes you sound different.

Once you have sent out 50-100 emails, a good response rate would be around 20%-30%. Now the little cat and mouse game begins. You have got them hooked like a good fisherman, all you have to do is reel them in. Never push the date or phone number too soon. It may take several email correspondences back and forth before the little fawn suggests that you call her or that she recommends going out. Be patient. Like I said, women are like little bunny rabbits-They will get scared and run off with any sudden movements or jerky reactions. Be methodical, let the bunny know you are in charge, let the bunny know your intentions are not to hurt her, but to stroke her. Eventually she will feel comfortable enough and wet enough and ready to do what bunny’s do- fuck.

If you send out 100 emails and get 30 responses, you will probably end up going out with 20 of them. That’s quite a lot of beaver to stuff and mount. Then you can fully utilize my proven techniques of how to make them like you, how to prioritize, and how to keep a rotation even when you have an ace of the staff. Internet dating is simply the cheapest, easiest, most convenient way to meet boatloads of women who share your same interest- getting laid! Happy hunting.

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-Dr Bill Mendelshon, 9.21.04

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