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2002-05-31, Dr. Yarrum. Too Much Brain Power:

All of the money and all of the brick buildings and of course the symposium and the reason for all of it may just be Too Much Brain Power-submitted by Intervalist, Dr. Yarrum

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2002-05-30, Ambivilen. 10 Years:”Right Here, Right Now”:

05.31.02 Right here? or was it really right then? I’m not sure which he was really talking about 10 years ago but now at its tin/aluminum aniversary we take a look-see at 10 Years of Right Here, Right Now-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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2002-05-23, Dr. Bill Mendelshon. The Art of Getting Women:

Many guys get very confused about what women want and how to please them. For a short while until I was in about 10th grade, I was one of these dumbfounded guys who couldn’t figure it out. Then came my big epiphany, a moment of clarity, if you will. The skies cleared, the sun shone down upon me, and it all looked so simple and clear. All women want the same thing, one thing…….money!

Front page image for Evening News on Drugs at
2002-05-18, F. Nick Michaels. Evening News on Drugs:

Using scare tactics like calling this object: Evening News on Drugs…are apparently highly effective ways of getting our point accross while scaring all the grandmothers at the same time!-submitted by Intervalist F. Nick Flashnick

Front page image for Boyairrisms: Street Beatz at
2002-05-15, Msme. C. S. V. Boyairre. Boyairrisms: Street Beatz:

These self-important artists looking for big fame to find them on your street corner really can mess up one’s transcendental flow through life with their trivial Street Beatz.

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2002-05-14, Criticism. Terrorism:

There are two camps at battle terrorism-submitted by Intervalist Dr. Yarrum

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2002-05-13, Ambivilen. Congraduations!:

Yes, Congraduations!, yea I said that a lot this past week, but I never actually meant it…-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann, BA ‘01

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2002-05-12, Criticism. The Greatest People of All Time:

Da…Da…Da…dada!!! It’s the list that took forever in the making…this ain’t no VH-1 100 greatest songs…this doesn’t just stop at the 80s…no this is the real she-ite!! The Greatest People of All Time-submitted by Nels Frye

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2002-05-08, Ambivilen. Nelly:

Officially our first advancement into art…and this Nelly has nothing to do with Country Grammer-submitted by Azubah “Pinzo” Denjongpa

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2002-05-07, Criticism. Farm Bill jest Ain’t No Good!:

The Farm Bill comes around once every few yonders and effects everybody-even you eatin’ a corned beef sandwich over there in New Yak…so take some time and read my word for it cause’ Farm Bill Jest Ain’t No Good-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann, Moderator of Letters

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