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Dr. Yarrum, Intervalist
05.14.02-Fort Lauderdale, FL

A battle is now going on between two camps.

The first is in the ancient tradition that life is precious and sacred.
That all sacrifice, even war with its mass killings, is in the name of the preservation of life.

The other camp, suffering the mass misery of the under privileged of the world, have always been assured, that Heaven was their true reward and that life is temporary and that all effort in God’s name would be rewarded in the Hereafter.

“So lie there nicely and shut up.”

This dream is the very one that the wealthy of the world have preached in order to secure their own safety in their temporal paradise.
They have preached so well and disregarded the poor for so long, that the message has become the truth.
It is indeed evident to them that this life holds no promise.
They will achieve Paradise by killing life, in the name of God.

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Dr. Yarrum is a retired professor of research at Perdue Univ.-although he still consults from time to time. His most honored work was the successful creation of a 150 lb. monster chicken-all white meat, no bones. It could have eliminated hunger all over the world. Unfortunately, they could not kill it.

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