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2006-04-09, News. TOMARKEN.COM USAGE REPORTS:’s infamous usage roundup gets a recap, on the advent of the big slash-TWO.

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2005-01-09, Daniel P. Beckmann. Official Statement from the Moderator on the instigations of Dr. Yarrum: will celebrate its three-year anniversary at the end of this month. Throughout all of that time there has been one person who has always wondered what was going on with tomarken, was it going to rise again? Did he see a sputter of activity? You could always trust him to interact with every part of this site-his responses were so many I haven’t even put up half of them yet. I don’t exactly know if it was a generational thing or what happens to people when they get old, but Dr. Yarrum kept track of things, and often wondered why others didn’t do the same.

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2004-10-01, Daniel P. Beckmann. Statement of Moderation #6:

Over 1-Million smashes and I’m happy to report that this place is still alive enough to continue to perplex the faces of those who hold genuine wondermeant as to our intended purpose. Here we shall try again–sprinkling in some conjecture on what structurally may cause such bewilderment in our society–while also clearing up some other accumulating issues-Behold: Statement of Moderation #6 by our count.

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2004-05-31, News. Cristina Ellisson, Moderator of the Public:

As so many regimes have been known to do, and as our town elders have so advised, tomarken wishes to provide a vent for which the community can safely voice its anger without bringing down the whole damn thing. We have already provided to forum, but no…that’s too participatory, so what we are now going to do is bring in someone who will be that loud-mouth talk radio style voice that will carry out your bitches on your behalf. Meet Cristina Ellisson, the Moderator of the Public. While we’re at it, yes others do this too, but hold on a second there Ms. Ellisson, while the structure may be taken by example, the content certain will swipe unique in accordance with implicit doctrine.

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2003-09-23, Daniel P. Beckmann. A Call To Anti Plagiarist:

Moderation Statement–The Anti-Plagiarist is born.

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2003-06-05, News. Tomarken 4 Sale:

First Martha Stewart, then The New York Times, and finally the CIA! Is Tomarken the next to go to shit? Well we are opening up Tomarken 4 Sale-our online store, but at least we aren’t lying about it?

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2002-11-17, Daniel P. Beckmann. An Act of GOD!:

Who constitutes what is and what isn’t an Act of GOD!? Is it the Preacherman?-NO!…Maybe, Oprah?-NO! Its a web hosting company with a P. O. Box out of Florida silly!…How God has reportedly displayed his wrath upon tomarken’s on-line community and our jihad to save our very selfs.-contains some site visions for Post-2002 by Daniel P. Beckmann

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2002-07-01, Daniel P. Beckmann. Letter Of Moderation-Where the hell have we been?:

07.01.02 Moderation Statement. Hopefully some of you have been asking of tomarken: Hey! Where they hell have you been? Well, we haven’t been updating this site, that’s for sure…the answers to what happen to June and more in this 3rd Statement of Moderation

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2002-04-07, Daniel P. Beckmann. Letter Of Moderation-Two Months…now whadawagonnado?:

Moderation Statement. Letter of Moderation #2 So now I am speaking out again, but please also note that it is only for the second time. I am utilizing the bully pulpit if you will, to assess the current status of our website community and the general gist of it is that after two months we’re all doin’ fine and dandy!

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2002-01-30, News. Original Letter of Moderation-2:

Also, read Richard Tebrick’s Moderation Statement.

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