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Click above to burn your hard earned cows now!

The moderators are proud to announce the grand opening of Tomarken 4 Sale, the place to go for all the tomarken “paraphanelia” that you’ve all been yelling about. Now finally a place to go for all those special ocasions…Bar Mitvot, Baptismals, sacrafices, rain dances you name it we’ve got the product for you!

Hey! Check this shit out!(You breaka da merchandise, you buy it;)

Dorkus Lunchboxis(R)

Woman’s T-shirt for woman(men can wear too)

Tomarken Mouse Pad
Plus there’s much, much more, Check it out now FOO! Fashions and prices changin’ all the time!

All proceeds go to paying rent for to keep it an ad-free and friendly community for the aged. Don’t make us beg for money, only to drive away later that night in our BMWs! Lets do this all up-front n’ legal style shall we?

The address is<---BE THERE!!(echo, echo, echooo….)

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