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A Call To Anti PlagiaristDaniel P. Beckmann-Moderator of Letters
09.23.03-Pasco, WA

Its been a while since I’ve moderated you…to be honest, in fact-its been a while since I’ve done anything with this site and if you’re at all interested, I have a good excuse if you wish to click to read about my adventures–whilst I was Living the life.

For those of you who may have thought that tomarken was dead, it is in fact alive with a new found potency in this era of lies, theivery of information, but most insulting a status-quo of ideas.

In the past six months, a great deal has occured behind the scenes at tomarken, that only now is going to be made public. We have caught the attention of a national media concern that intended promote tomarken on the broadest channel available for popular culture and you can read all about it in Behind VH-1’s behind the song

Through the usage of the internet’s navigational tools, primarily Google(R) in that concern, contributors to our community are being highlighted at the top of the searches as ‘experts’ in the areas in which they publish–which in turn helps to contribute to the flow of ideas that avoid the blasted zero-sum gain, making the world a more original place.

As you will read below, tomarken is at a point now in which it is shedding its training wheels and starting to become the vialble force of agnst found only in your local teenage repository marked by its most righest angles. As tomarken begins to notice its **pubes** we woudl like some assistance from our community. Thus below you we have trumpeted a Call to arms and of course a Mission Reassement.

-Daniel P. Beckmann, 11.11.03

-A Call to arms!-Over the last two years many around this globe have had to endure my promotion of At first, it was somewhat pushy salesman like…then I moved on to the “RONCO(R) Word-o-mouth BRAND advertising (non-hienious self-promotion), to the most recent respectable acknowlegement of my relationship to the site, followed by the casual push of the TOMARKEN BRAND(R) Business modules.

Although I have conducted no formal surveys of response to these iniatives, I have one official number…1768–the number of Dan Beckmann, Moderator of Letters style BRAND(R) business modules have been extended throughout the world. That was out of my original allotment of 1800.

What all this comes down to is__there are those who have their work posted to the ‘universe of electronically-enriched domesticed humans’ through and those who still have not. There are some who, of course, have been thwarted by the ‘shady-at-best submission PRO-cess… but yet, there are still some others that I have reached out to, who have failed to put their “money on the table.”

As I will reveal in a moment, tomarken is at a juncture at which it has already established itself as a legimate location, and will now proceed to enact minimal change on the collective experience that most enjoy as humans–and quite possible maximum change within the circles of those who demand more than a zero-sum gain in their pockets at the end of thier working regimine.

So, those of you who are still sitting on your wads have ta be asking yourselves, “Do I got it?”.. cause if you don’t you might as well assume that the train is leaving the station. This is not to say that tomarken will ever become closed…we have no plans to close ourselves at all, in fact we intend to grow our base as in accordance with our founding policy. What I am impling is that as we herald the new era for tomarken–maybe the adolescence period if you will–your oppurtunity to quote”get in on the ground floor” is starting to deminish.

served“If you’re a painter–DO YOU PAINT?” “If you’re a film maker–WHERE ARE YOUR FILMS” “If you consider yourself someone who writes…When the hell are you going to have more time to start doing it?”

Coming from the website who still refuses to classify itself as anything at all for the purpose of allowing those “Madison Avenue types can u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d”…TOMARKEN ASKS:what the hell are you…an END CONSUMER? If you are that’s fine and dandy, the world, and especially America loves END COMSUMERS. But somewhere in the back of your mind you may not percieve yourself that way you individualist Ameri-con, yet for some reason you have not yet proved your programming capacity in a court of law—end your psychosis now, and start to BUILD YOUR CASE.
-Mission Reassesment-The concept of the Anti-PlagiaristApproaching two years since the idea of tomarken was concieved, its time to assess how far we’ve come in such a short time. I would like to now refer back to our original Statements of Moderations(…and if you’ve made it this far, I suggest you give ‘em another looksee yourself.)

Introductory Submission Process…
01.30.02. Moderation Statement-Mod. of Letters
01.31.02. Moderation Statement-Mod. of the Real
You may note from these original statement’s tomarken’s ambition to first and foremost educate. Our original concept of building a substaintial house hold those ideas which avoid the zero-sum gain could not have been more sucessful. The additional acolades that we have experienced are merely icing on the cake. But at this point we need to again clarify.

IN the last two years since our idea, houses of prominence have fallen to thievery, i.e. The New York Times, Washington Post… while houses of lies have fallen to prominence, i.e. Fox News, the White House. Drawing from an original pillar of, which is to Educate, it is now time to “Double down” on our effort here, for at least our lies are never stolen.

In walks the concept of the anti-plagiarist–and NO, we sure aren’t going to git rid of the concept of avoiding the zero sum gain that so many of you have grown to love. No, we are merely going to add it a diluted layer for those outside our community with small apetites for such concepts can digest even the mere concept of what goes on here. BUT< have no fears, The die-hards the good ol' boys, the people who have gotten the point, will still be able to access the concept of avoiding the zero sum gain just as freely as before.

But as we locate our **pubes** and begin to realized our place in this cruel, adult world and in order expand our mission to truly educate, the anti plagiarist has now been born–its name is!

So in this light, a new found energy and passion(and speed of DSL) will be pumped into this ol’ At this point, please feel free to look through our pages, assess what we have accumulated, as I have done, and join us in our forum to express your opinions of what tomarken is and what it could be. We have a very loaded foundation of solid ideas that can be brought to the forefront of the human external experience.
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Introductory Submission Process…
01.30.02. Moderation Statement-Mod. of Letters
01.30.02. Moderation Statement-Mod. of the Real

Living the life.
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