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2006-04-16, Revolution. America’s Church:

What is the relationship between the culture and character of a nation and the possibility of transposing the character of a nation’s church? There’s no transubstantiation at this Easter, but you can count on some Trans-Atlanticism.

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2006-04-15, Criticism. TOMARKEN.COM SLASH two–adolscence:

Never one to be silent with the advent of change, Moderator of Letters Daniel P. Beckmann offers his take on the “little over 4 years of” in which “already so much has happened… We watch here at the brink of some sort of unknown media semblance like none ever before seen.”

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2006-04-14, Criticism. Twelve fragments for future moderation of slash two:’s Moderator of an Arbitrary Moderation Taxonomy, Richard Tebrick, meditates once again on the nature of apropos of the insidious “slash/two.”

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2006-04-09, News. TOMARKEN.COM USAGE REPORTS:’s infamous usage roundup gets a recap, on the advent of the big slash-TWO.

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2006-01-04, Ambivilen. Freedom Poems:

This is my long over due next submission to tomarken. Somone was teasing me about Voltaire at work. Or rather about being a head case i assume. My natural defense was to run with their implication that i was a head case. So as i labored i concockted, heh heh, a poem about something i barely know anything about, freedom. The first is in french but is pronounced as written for americans. The next is the translation to english-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent

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