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2002-04-30, Ambivilen. College Chemical Culture:

College Chemical Culture One man’s assessment of his motivation to embark on his journey into the College Chemical Culture-submitted by Citizen Genet -db

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2002-04-29, Dr. Yarrum. Atlantic Blue Marlin Management and Recovery:

An attempt to establish tomarken as the educator of what is interesting and cool. Here you will find a thorough examination of the fate of the fish that not only Hemingway was enamored with, but also many present day fishermen-submitted by Mark E. Steiner, Tomarken’s Professor of Fishermanolgy-db

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2002-04-24, Mark G. Nugent. Invade EUROPA NOW!:

Invade EUROPA NOW! With the way things are these days, sometimes it may come to mind:Hey, why not leave all this craziness behind and start your own verison somewhere else?…hmm, probably becuase my car has 170,000 miles on it-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent-db

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2002-04-16, Adam K. Chorney. Summers in Maine: The Bacon Brothers Revealed:

First Kevin Bacon, through the degrees of seperation concept was the center of the universe. Now his bro has his hand in something that may indicate the Bacon family is finally making their move-submitted by Adam K. Chorney-db

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2002-04-15, Dr. Yarrum. Free Will?:

Free Will? IF we do indeed have “Free Will” than does it have its limitations?…Dr. Yarrum is at is again, asking his questions that make a few heads explode…so it may be a good time to bring up the tomarken policy on ownership…you remember, all contributors own their own work and all the rights associated.-submitted by Intervalist Dr. Yarrum-db

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2002-04-14, Msme. C. S. V. Boyairre. Boyairrisms: “In a match to decide who will survive”:NJ. vs. NY:

Long has there been a discussion about the merits of living in New Joysee as compared with New Yok…but now its go time! We may finally have developed a waste of time scenario to see who can survive this battle for survival…to be titled “the tacky vs. the shrewd”

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2002-04-07, Daniel P. Beckmann. Letter Of Moderation-Two Months…now whadawagonnado?:

Moderation Statement. Letter of Moderation #2 So now I am speaking out again, but please also note that it is only for the second time. I am utilizing the bully pulpit if you will, to assess the current status of our website community and the general gist of it is that after two months we’re all doin’ fine and dandy!

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2002-04-02, Daniel P. Beckmann. A Journalist’s journal on reporting in Washington DC on behalf of Montana…:

A new day has dawned…well maybe its been around while. Back in the old days…back when we lived in caves…it may have appeared on the surface that the most powerful men were those who were probably the largest. These larger men would give the appearance that they could kill more feed for their family and defend their cave from invasion. But, even back in those days, there had to be some way to control all the real estate of the burly man…for they could easily be out smarted by even the smallest diversion. But for the most part, only the strong would have survived…I mean with all of those boulders that needed to be lifted, somebody had to do it.

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