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"Infertility unlikely to be passed on" - Montgomery Advertiser

Richard Tebrick moderates moderation for He is like Indiana Jones’ father crossed with Rain Man.

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2002-03-16, Research. Googlewhacking.:

A few thoughts on Googlewhacking and democracy, as percieved by Moderator of the Real, Richard Tebrick.

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2002-02-07, Revolution. Why make art of the network?:

Why make art in the network? Some introductory thoughts to the upcoming paper The computer art object: (logic && network).-rt

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2002-01-30, News. Original Letter of Moderation-2:

Also, read Richard Tebrick’s Moderation Statement.

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2002-01-28, Ambivilen. This guy::

“I could do better.”. Note the photoshop automated image gallery. Also please refer to switch. Oh yeah, don’t forget this-rt

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