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Survivor of Siamese Twins Joins Parents.

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2002-05-14, Criticism. Terrorism:

There are two camps at battle terrorism-submitted by Intervalist Dr. Yarrum

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2002-04-29, Dr. Yarrum. Atlantic Blue Marlin Management and Recovery:

An attempt to establish tomarken as the educator of what is interesting and cool. Here you will find a thorough examination of the fate of the fish that not only Hemingway was enamored with, but also many present day fishermen-submitted by Mark E. Steiner, Tomarken’s Professor of Fishermanolgy-db

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2002-04-15, Dr. Yarrum. Free Will?:

Free Will? IF we do indeed have “Free Will” than does it have its limitations?…Dr. Yarrum is at is again, asking his questions that make a few heads explode…so it may be a good time to bring up the tomarken policy on ownership…you remember, all contributors own their own work and all the rights associated.-submitted by Intervalist Dr. Yarrum-db

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2002-03-01, Dr. Yarrum. Chaos?:

How do we live in a world in which order is an illusion vital for the conduct of a social system? The evidence that Chaos is the true state of the world is so vast as to be undeniable. How to live with Chaos is an interesting and amusing study. We do it all the time but cling to Illusion as much more comfortable. With enough honesty we may be just as comfortable with Chaos. We must find the laws that govern it and be comfortable again.

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2002-02-02, Dr. Yarrum. KENTUCKY FRIED PHILOSOPHY:

Do humans have the ability with their critically acclaimed ‘institutions’ and ‘complex analytical reasoning’ ever over come the implied ‘pecking order’? submitted by Dr. Yarrum,-db

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