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2003-07-31, Ambivilen. Lets see the body:

Some may consider this object to be in rather “poor taste” with consideration to Mr. Hope’s recent death. But when you run a website with no ads, poor taste is what you can afford. Lets see the body!

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2003-07-18, Criticism. Bonnaroo 2-Thousand & 2-An email tranmission:

Gosh!-rememba tha days when the Ice Cream man didn’t sell P-C-P? Is the jam-band culture as pure as its cracked up to be or have they all literally sold out to the capitalist in similar form to the Candy Man? I mean who’s programming these heads anyway? Whether you heard about it or not–YOU SHOULD HAVE! A true email transmission from Bonnaroo 2-thousand and 2

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2003-07-17, Ambivilen. THE TOMARKEN INTERVIEW SERIES: Saddam Hussein in Middle America:

07.17.03 Interview Series. What do Dave Thomas, Deceased founder of Wendys and horrible dictator Saddam Huessien have in common? IN “Exclusive Tomarken interview” conducted several months ago and only uncovered just recently by Intervalist C.S.V. Boyairre, he found Saddam Huessien in Middle America

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2003-07-14, Ambivilen. Senate Intern Love on the Rocks:You Suck:

07.14.03 Oh to be in love, be powerful and of course the house in Aspen-The Quinessential Senate Summer Intern Romance(R). This summer, however, a shattering story of how the affair between two very powerful coffeecopymakers in the office of Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson(R) ended smashed on the rocks of the smoggy Potomac

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