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DNA: A complex organic molecule characterized as the building block of life, shaped like a spiral staircase to nowhere.

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2003-06-13, Daniel P. Beckmann. The 4th DI-mension:

06.13.03 Length X Width X Hieght X Time= are the 4 DI-mensions known to man. While it is understood that you can generally see the first three DI-mensions without any additional extension of factory-issued basic human sensual abilities, why is the 4th Dimension, which is equally as important, mostly overlooked in Grown-up society? A call to the masses for life-long maintenance of the 4th DI-Mension-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann

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2003-06-08, Dr. Yarrum. Freud Revealed:A Lecture:

Is Freud and Fraud? The guy sure gets a lot of credit for the discovery of the field of pyschology–heck, Richard Dreyfus in the crazed comedy What About Bob? even names his son after the man! Freud Revealed-a lecture submitted by Intervalist Dr. Yarrum

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2003-06-07, Revolution. Women of the World Unite!:

Betty Freidan! ROLE OVER AND DIE!–eat these lemons! What if the women of the world took over?-would there be peace or still pieces? Women of the World Unite!-submitted by Jessica Glass

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2003-06-05, News. Tomarken 4 Sale:

First Martha Stewart, then The New York Times, and finally the CIA! Is Tomarken the next to go to shit? Well we are opening up Tomarken 4 Sale-our online store, but at least we aren’t lying about it?

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