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2002-11-22, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Five:

A Mouth like a Volcano-Words as weapons. Last night we were paying bridge with our old friends Ed and Joan. In one hand, when the bidding ended, Joan was to play it in "three no trump" and when she saw Ed’s hand, Joan exploded at him: "You can’t put me in ‘three no trump’ [...]

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2002-11-20, Ambivilen. What Everyone is Talking About:

11.20.02 Entertainment Tonight They call it the most watched entertainment program in the world. (They also call it E. T. and we all have are ideas about Ms. Hart’s, especially post Tesh) Mr. Nugent once said to me that all there is to life is entertainment and the pursuit there of. Now in just two paragraphs, he manages to capture what is ambivilen better than anything else I’ve seen. What everyone is talking about-submitted by Intervalist Mark G. Nugent

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2002-11-17, Daniel P. Beckmann. An Act of GOD!:

Who constitutes what is and what isn’t an Act of GOD!? Is it the Preacherman?-NO!…Maybe, Oprah?-NO! Its a web hosting company with a P. O. Box out of Florida silly!…How God has reportedly displayed his wrath upon tomarken’s on-line community and our jihad to save our very selfs.-contains some site visions for Post-2002 by Daniel P. Beckmann

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Marking the first entry into this lucrative franchise, we shed light on the romantic connection between drugs and people of college age. A solitary perspective of a co-ed presently enrolled at one of our nation’s places of Higher Learning.

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