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2005-03-07, Ambivilen. Dude Economics:

Gee, I sure hope that calling this object Dude Economics isn’t a misnomer…For some reason it’s taken me a year to sum up the subjectivity of this balad of how the dude really does need the city and the city folk could one day evolve, if they’re lucky and their technology permits, to become the dude.-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann, Moderator of Letters

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2005-03-02, Research. Repetition in China: Part 1Kenny G: Cultural Revolutionary of the New Millennium:

If you’ve been dirtied too long with all that mid-class sedating ’shrill… I invite you to step into the cool, refreshing and blessing shower that is Repetition in China: Part 1 Kenny G: Cultural Revolutionary of the New Millennium. It hits all the right notes(most notable here is how substantive of the object stated but we assume you have little choice)…What better way to establish that tomarken’s colon is on brink of blow, than with this classic material gratis-Nels Frye

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