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2004-02-19, Criticism. The Pressures of the Christ:

It doesn’t look like Paul Harvey, it doesn’t smell like Paul Harvey, but for some reason they want to you to believe that it is. Why certain organized religious zealots purposefully use falsities in an attempt to bring people back to the flock and to appease those within:The Pressures of The Christ-prompted by Chasing 12

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2004-02-09, F. Nick Michaels. Penguin Emperor:

The usual assumption is that the story of U.S. continental expansion is one part Oregon Trail, one part manifest destiny, and one part cowboys and Indians. But who knew the missing ingredient was nutso short guy whose favorite part of 1980s California is water slides? Learn how the "Penguin Emperor" tried his best to help the U.S. stretch to the Pacific.-submitted by F. Nick Michaels

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2004-02-07, Daniel P. Beckmann. Planet Earth Intellegence:

Step right up! Be the first in your quadrant to be able to decipher “False-Profits”…WOW the local autoritarian with your grasp of their authorit-ty!!…quantify your smarts on a scale from here to infinit-ty! Planet Earth Intellegence-submitted by Daniel P. Beckmann, Moderator of Letters.

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2004-02-05, Criticism. Self-Chastisement: A nursery rhyme:

As evdienced by the massive captiol market of floppy books on self-criticism, tomarken enters another such commodity here into the catogery here-in our prefered format {no ‘workbooks’ yet included}.

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