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Planet Earth Intellegence

Daniel P. Beckmann, Moderator of Letters
07.29.03-9th floor, UWS-Manhattan, NY(whilst they’re at work)

There’s been a lot of talk recently about goin’ to Mars and could intellegent life ever have lived there? Also, not as recently, in fact since the time that man realized that he could categorize, much acho has been sneezed but about tryin’ to determinate who’s actually the most intellegent being right here on Planet Earth.

Intellegence Quotient:The Test The anlgos, saxons and most whiteys conceived that intellegence is based on one’s ability to reccognize patterns–companies now produces the Intellegence Quotient(R) or theIQ test out of necessity to quantify this. This may indeed be why we have so many people that are programmed so well to find patterns.
Detriot-Windsor Ambassador’s Bridge I have found the most sucessful products of these pattern seekers to be those who have mastered the pursuit of obtaining full appointment book. Essentially they believe, that everything will finally be right with the world when “I can finally get every last hour of the whole damned thing planned down to the last predictable second before I croak”(then the after-life of course is planned too). These folks have found that they are rewarded for seeing patterns the fastest and if they achieve perfection, they will eventually become an intirgal part of the pattern itself. Its how they got enough people together and motivated to the point where they built the natural wonder that is Detroit’s Ambassador bridge, and many other later to be pot-holed intrenched wonders around this planet…

For those who are interested, I, offer a different method of determining intellegence that may apply better to some of us other civilized animals out there-walkin’ this earth…
Throw someone into a differnt situation and see how long it takes them to figure it out and then keep doing it. How long does it take for them to learn a new pattern and then keep changing it on them and see how long it takes them to recognize that and then keep doing that. Also, see how they improvise, see what tools they create that they aculumate and carry with them along their journey in order to cope. How does a person, in fact, choose to survive once the pattern’s gone haywire? With no expectations to immediately rely upon, a person might need to create their own pattern out of the madness in order to utilize their time-capturing, human intellect.

You see Nomads that were able to survive were definately the best specifimens of human survivors out there. Not only could they always find food no matter where they went, they didn’t fall victim to all the trends that the ones who stayed around the fort were tied too. Now, just becuase our situation feels somewhat stable for the moment, do we really want to discredit and disquantify the achievements of these ultimate survivors?–we may, in fact, desperately need them again someday?

According to the legend, there are indeed some people who are Nomads in present day who are still alive and kickin’ it, \ just as there are apparently bonefide Gypsies that can be found in Cheverly, MD and as I’ve been told, are working as brick-layers in other regions throughout the United States.

Looking for a job for the last eight months in this shitty economy and traveling around the world for six months before that and then living in five different places in the year before that, I have seen snapshots of people’s lives all around the world…in fact seeing all the different snapshots and putting them altogether has been what I considered my life and as I a traveler by my self, my brand of life all my own. Since I have kept moving in a constant circle or figure eight, or ‘W’, not staying any one place longer than 3 or 4 days, I developed a rythym where I possed knowledge of 8 or 4 or multiple different lives going on in multiple localities all at once. I went from one to the other, trying my best not to disrupt the flow of what I’m observing, while keeping straight on all the currents and particulars of the various scenarios. Without an address to call my own, but instead merely a cell phone and a laptop computer, I was a ghost in the eyes of the intellegent system of controled patterns of which most of my sedentary friends unconcious believed they were a perminant resident of.

My portfolio of situations was diverse and so in that “stock market” I could always find something to fall back on that kept my boat a float. Sometimes I would even call on reliably horrible people to have the necessary “bad time” that puts everything else into a right perspective. Most of the time, however, to be honest, no matter where I landed, I came in hope, that the people there will at one point or another in the evening produce the coveted unpredicted output.

I surely cannot think of a better way to utilize our planet earth intellegently than taking advantage of all of the fluctuations that it can provide as much as one possibly can, rather than repressing them by merely recognizing the same patterns over and over again, only to recieve a bigger and bigger lolly-pop at the end of each day.

In America’s Free Market economy, what they don’t sell you today in government schools is that the real trick is really not providing the same answer faster than everybody else, but instead coming up with your own way to make your own lollypops so that you can provide the lot of jobs that the other lickers at the government school that buy that standard bullshit are going to so desperately need.

The people that make the best lolly-pops, are in fact defined as, crazy<(glittery and dazzly lights implied)... and now for you nomads willing to absorb it, a primer:

The Conditions of crazy.
I unconciously decided long ago that I would like to embark on a lifelong journey to figure out how and who makes up new ideas, innovations, quote"strays from the pack". To my surprise as I had been apparently listening to too many false profiteers. I found that the crux of this journey would actually not take my entire life to achieve. So about three years ago I adjusted the scheme to also include “the promotion and empowerment of those who additonally wish to help (what I call) Program“. That way, I may hope to one day create an environment which is more apt to restrict the inhibitions to Programming, by filling it only with people who wish to Program. Ironically, this method is similar to the kind utilized by the likes of those most famous religious-robotic zealots who are programmed on the notion that when they can all get together in-sync then and only then, can they share the ultimate boner salad!–all religious zealots Programmed, by the way, by a Programmer(PLEASE KEEP IN MIND:A programmer need not program others to be, in fact a programmer of themselves).

To begin to start this off right, is to take into account the theory of the Robots and Programmers mentioned in the early days of this here forum. One way to most clearly achieve our goal additionally, is to isolate the most successful Programmers and then illustrate how they were able to Program to effectively. Sources like A & E Biography shabily attempt to do this, for what is really required is a sensory adjustment in order to best indentify what we are trying to find here.

In order to break a code–to i.e. be the most successful of Programmers, you simply must indeed be crazy! Crazy shall be those who enter random into their daily program with or without control over it.

It isn’t easy to get these crazy folks to admit how they were able to make a break in the code and then the structure of a portion of our collective programming and if fact, in some cases it may be impossible. Some programmers are completely blind to what they’re doing…but this alone does not inherently make them robotic so be careful out there!

There is the other extreme of this notion, of course there are those aforementioned False Profiteers to be aware of–One good example of these dangerous robots are that of The self-proclaimed programmers for the entire country’s mainstream media often found hacking away in the conference rooms and cubicals in the industrial-revolution sized towers of Mid-Town Manahattan–to name just one example. They feel they have programming down to an art form, or more or less, a comfortable lifestyle where innovation is a daily event. This is why there are no new ideas out there in mid-town manhattan…South Brompton…or even the fortress of Burbank–formulaic programming is indeed programmed by somebody else, whether it be that mystery hand they talk about or probably indeed the bone-fide unfalse-profits that know much better than to dwell openly in those places they and their fore-fathers created(cough-cough, heinious self-promotion can someitmes be a dead-giveaway to false profits cause if you’ve got the goods we advertise, but this is not always the case).

And now, since its been somewhat defined for all to see, and with the interest of promoting that in fact, if profiteers ever did exist in the past, than they certainly must exist in the present day, they are just not as obvious—the never ending lists of differentiation found exclusively here at, that you are all welcome to add to:
-False profits-
Leno, Jay when he mentions NBC, he proves that he is indeed a robot. You can find the formula for all of his jokes.

Kerry, John when he fails to take a back seat to anybody on anything.

Pope John Paul This one’s obvious as those that these structures are stolen from haven’t given this guy the props.

Daly, Carson if you were to light his hair on fire, than what exactly would be left to trumpeteer?

grammer this falsity exists in many forms, but still in each version it finds itself as an arbitraury structure as any of its others before-how can so much faith be placed in such finite currencies of expresion?

Trump, Donald Despite his hair-do(which may imply otherwise)…this falsity is nothing more than a really rich guy from Queens and he’s got the tacs to prove it.

King, Larry If you’ve ever caught image of the guy, not much more needs to be said….

-UN-False Proifteers-
Reagan, Ronald–A revolutionary on to himself, disguised as someone who cares. The title they gave him as the “Great Communicator” speaks volumes of his profitering.

‘Pope’al, Ron-Its not the sprayed on-hair in the can, its not even the Ronco(R) food dehydrator, its simply the Ronco(R) that makes his profiteering of the most pristine in nature.

St. “The Real Deal” Paul-for coming up with one of the most elaborate systems most robots will probably never figure their way out of.

D’Mato, Alfonze for being I-talian and being in the senate becuase everyone seems to mention his I-talian-ness and being in the senate as a big deal.

Oprah Winfrey The damage this woman has caused on our cause may take generations to overcome as here swarm of robots mother other robots who stand in the way of Programming everywhere.

H. Ross Perot For buying time on network television during the election of 1992 to display his bar graphs explaining to the American people what a deficit was…many may question is his ears were used for more than just recieving conventional soundwaves.

Robin Leach Whilst Donald didn’t make it to this list himself, the short career of Robin Leach, brought us into the homes and the rich and famous, but more importantly requested that we go where we are not going to pay a lot for a muffler.

Turner, Ted His ramblings on about how the Cold War is still going on is just a decoy of a happy mad-man…this guy figured out not just the all-news channel, but indeed cable television itself. Sure, someone might have come along a did it eventually, but they in fact did not, and since Ted’s departure, something has been noticably lacking indeed.

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