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2003-12-30, F. Nick Michaels. Proposal 3:

As thousands of wealthy hippies flock to Florida for four days of phishing and Dick Clark gets polished up for another run, we are left to ponder the monotony of the celebration of New Year’s Eve. F. Nick Michaels offers a way to break the chains in Proposal 3

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2003-12-21, Dr. Yarrum. Monologs with Murray, Day Six:

The basic premise of a democracy is that, “I may be wrong!” Our society has continually bombarded us with conflicting bromides. It is admirable to “have the courage of your convictions”. It is equally admirable to “keep an open mind.”…

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2003-12-14, Criticism. The Capture of Saddam Hussein and What follows:

The capture and arrest of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein could not have come at a more crucial time for the Bush administration, who, since the suspect transference of the War on Terrorism from Afghanistan, the staging base of Osama Bin Laden’s fundamental terrorist group, to Iraq, the staging base of the future production of billions of barrels of oil a year, have been fighting an almost constantly decreasing morale in the American public, as well as the loss of confidence of dozens of important foreign allies.

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2003-12-03, Daniel P. Beckmann. Behind VH-1 Behind the music:

How can a website that can be found at times to be dealing in culture take on the prognosticator of what indeed popular cultures is by decades and top-100 rankings and live to tell about it? Well its easy, they called us!(we didn’t really even have to do that much work) What we found?-in the words of the Joker(R) This town needs an enima<{echo implied}. It is Tomarken’s pleasure to take you Behind Vh-1’s Behind the Music

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