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“We at Tomarken. com incredibly troubled to have learned of the events that have befallen our intervalist, our friend, Dr. Bill Mendelshon. Sure, the guy drank too much sure, he tried to run our place and if we would have listened to him we’d be outta business by now, but the guy had honor, he had code, but most importantly he struck an all important balance between sayin’ it like it is and preserving the core principle of which is to avoid the zero-sum gain. Dr. Bill, despite the fact that none of our investigative team ever did find out exactly what he was a doctor of(although many heard that he went to Chiropractic school a long while ago where he never actually attained finished his studies), he set an example for all of us to live by. Please return his creative juices to us, so help all of us before GOD!”
-Co Founder, Moderator of Letter Dan P. BECKMANN I
Co-Founder, Philanthropist, Moderator of shapes, and Ego-Economist Richard Tebrick was heard saying this on receiving word of the Menshelshon Park(Dr. Bill called his two story, luxury penthouse, Mendelshon Park to down play the obviously austere nature of his less-than-humble abode) Bombing, “This is terrible, I mean Dr. Bill set the benchmark for truth, justice and the tomarken way. We hope that where ever he is, that he will continue to his contribution to

Before police arrived on the scene, tomarken investigators were able to locate an unfinished transcript, in which it appeared as though Dr. Bill was attempting to claim that it would be his last. Although it is not customary for tomarken to publish objects before they are completed, but the committee of the knowing has concluded that the pressing circumstances warranted that these transcripts be made to light.Dr. Bill’s Unfinished transcript How to cheat on a woman that you already have (unfinished)With the whereabouts and the future of Dr. Bill still uncertain at this point, we at tomarken would like to encourage our community to come together and under the cloak of tomarkenalism, to send thoughts, best wishes, and concerns to the newly created Dr. Bill Forum
ForumGateway to the Dr. Bill Forum

Any one with information on this Mendelshon Park Bombing or the location of Dr. Mendelshon himself will be graciously rewarded from the coffers of the Tomarken International Endowment for the obliteration of Zero Sum Gains and Gengivtis in an appropriate measure.

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