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Pax Americana

Daniel P. Beckmann
10.15.02-Manly, NSW AUSTRALIA

So this is the Superpower? Those noisy, arrogant, obnoxious, fat, violent religious fanatics that we wanted out of our country all these years are now ruling the universe! All they care about are themselves and their money. They have no sense of history or culture, when they come here they travel in packs and they don’t even try to learn the language or the culture and now they’ve got enough nukes here that we can’t even fight amongst ourselves anymore! I mean sure, they helped us to rebuild after World War II but that really only made them richer. They’re all so violent everyone of ‘em carrying guns and if McDonald’s isn’t enough, now they want to take over the whole world under the guise of their moral code….haven’t they learned anything from history?-Ze Euros

Yep…all of what those euro folks are sayin’ over there is true and then some. You see, internally, we’re also a very competitive bunch. We compete on just about everything. For instance, we value our sports in our schools more than academics. We make heroes out of young sports talents labeling them All Americans. Why sports are even given space at schools is mind boggling to many who live outside of our country who fail to find the link between the two(especially when most valuable athletes both men, but especially women, find themselves out of a job/place at the end of high school/college). I explain to them about the American philosophy that sports teaches a man a lot about life…in America.

We compete in business and use terms like net-worth to yield the sum total of who we are-all that we’ve achieved. Our test scores are used to rank our schools which in turn also ranks our people (whether the state authorities want to deny that one or not). We have "top-ten" lists everywhere, deemed down from some eternal force which for some reason someone at VH-1® has a special connection to. For instance, Stairway to Heaven is the undisputed #1 song of all time (the undisputed number #1 song…of all time?).

So with America at the top right now on the rankings list of raw POWER, it makes me wonder if this civilization will rank on the Top Ten List of most civilized civiLIZations? I mean we still fry people?But not on TV, though. We have Jerry Springer on TV, which I think is actually much more civilized than packing a stadium full of people waiting to have blood splashed on their face…oh that’s hockey(but at least hockey is not till the death in most cases{of course there is the death of the social life of the sorry hockey player that really wasn’t very good that now looks like Rocky® but we won’t get into that right now…}).

Unfortunately, that’s not all with the lists. The U.S. is #1 when it comes to nuclear bombs with more of them in more places in the world than anyone could possibly need to blow up the world and kill every Mickey Mouse on it once. Some say that the U.S. just wants everyone to think that they’re crazy enough to use them but they won’t…those people are wrong. The U.S. is not only the current undisputed Superpower, but it will also be the last Superpower, to maintain its position in the most important ranking.

The Hertz(R) We’re #1 Clause in the Bush Doctrine of Global Domination
I had never really heard of this Pax Americana business before I left the country this year, but now under the newly fangled Bush Doctrine, we have proof in writing of the policy that the US intends to stay the #1 on the lists of lists, in the nations of nations. I’m referring to the Hertz® We’re #1! clause(as we affectionately have Americanized even this term!). No, its not O.J. Simpson flying through the airports on the way to kill somebody with Hertz® saving him precious seconds as he rented the getaway Bronco® like we had in the old days…no, this #1 basically states for all the world to see that for the safety of the world, the United States must remain #1, or else they will fight to insure that it stays that way, so that the world will not become unstable, so help us GOD!. So for now, everyone had just better trust that America will do the right thing® by way of Sir Rev. Spike Lee in terms of the worldly affairs because what ever you say or do ain’t gonna amount to jack, i.e. Pax Americana-we’ll just leave it to the Yanks to decide and we’ll call it a day.

So you don’t like that ha?

How did it get this way? Who created this America?-Was it that Barbara Bush!! Sure, Bar’, can be blamed for quite of lot of things these days, but you can pin it all on her and her dastardly tryin’ too hard to front like Nancy Reagan pearl necklass.

You see its not hard for those powers that be in the U.S. to convince Americans time and time again that it takes violence in order to make peace, for traditionally in history, that’s what seemed to have happen for us since forever began. We like fightin’ so much in America, cause’ that’s all we ever known. Because violence is in our tradition, a tradition created by, from which we stole from you, the rest of the world!. We have had wars throughout our entire existence with somebody! (that civil war was interesting though wasn’t it? But keep in mind that again publically, the winner and now controlling country bill it as a war fighting for freedumb)

Most Americans think that the reason that they are in America is because their relatives had to runaway from somewhere horrible in the middle of the night with all that they could carry in order to arrive on a boat full of rats that passed the Statue of Liberty. America is the land of the free, yet we are dealing a group of people who still consider themselves to be part of an oppressed clan.

The truth is, of course, that in most cases these days for those groups of people who vote in large numbers (and thus "have the power) they are separated by generations from their immigrant ancestry. Some Americans didn’t even arrive on boats, others came over on the mayflowers by choice, some families have lived in America so long they don’t really know which country their ancestry came from anymore, a lot of others were forced to come over to the U.S. in exchange for tobacco-what ever the case, it doesn’t matter…We all came to the land of freedom in search of opportunity!…opportunities that we couldn’t get elsewhere, or else we probably would have stayed.

Americans compete so much because now in the U.S. they are given a piece of the action, where before in your country they were such out. Your country’s system or culture couldn’t satisfy or didn’t tolerate these people, and in most cases your country did drive their ancestry away in the middle of the night (or if they wouldn’t have been so sly your country would probably not have let them leave), so now, here they all are from all of the countries in the world…they don’t really get along or even like each other much (like your kids shouldn’t play with those kids or your daughter shouldn’t date that guy), but there’s one thing they can all come together on–fighting for freedom or returning the favor to the collective place from which they(their ancestry) ran from.

Americans are told time and time again growing up that everyone who came to the US from somewhere else did so under incredible risk to their security and their way of life in order to earn a better life for themselves and their families. Most people wouldn’t want to leave from where they came like that, in fact, most of the people of the world obviously didn’t leave their countries for the U.S. We are now dealing with the large group of those who did. The oppressed and now selfish individuals of the United States whether they witnessed it in first person or not, have not forgotten what they came running to the U.S. from. They have armed themselves, they armed their country, and they have given arms to the rest of the world because Americans know violence, because they haven’t stashed it away and forgotten about it this generation. No, for making us take the trip, it’s payback. You see, for Europe, it just may be a convenient time for you all to come to your senses about violence and world domination, uniting instead in favor of civilization this time. I’ve heard it:Our countries were almost destroyed in World War II, why would we want violence ever again? Well obviously, Europe had wars for hundreds of years before that, but there is a new reason other than Euros all of a sudden getting smart that stopped this vicious cycle, bringing even Germany and France together in fact. It’s just gotten to the point among white people, where you either kill all the white people entirely, or you have to work with them—the nuclear bomb sure has done great things for whitey. So pacifistism has made a convenient comeback, but lets not forget the appeasement of Adolph Hitler

But people came to the United States, not only from Europe, but from everywhere in the world where things were so bad that they decided to take a chance on never coming back heading for the place far, far, away.

In Europe, if there’s high unemployment, it couldn’t be corrupt system, lazily over socialized…IT MUST BE THOSE DAMNED IMMIGRANTS TAKING ALL THE JOBS!!<--They must be stopped! You know, the types of jobs all the Germans and Frenches want driving cabs and picking up trash! Can you believe this crapola is still going on today? Haven't the Euros learned from their history? Their shit never stinks…does it? While there are limitations and this probably isn’t even the case anymore, throughout most of the United States there is still a perception that we provide asylum to those from other countries who need it, because that’s what the U.S. is all about-that’s who we are.

At this point, countless families in America have no connections to their home countries except for their names, yet they still may consider themselves part of another ethnic community (i.e. Irish American, African American, Jews, Persian, etc..). Yet, according to some figure that I keep hearing everywhere I go reported from some authority that I can’t seem to find, a resounding majority of Americans not only don’t ever leave the United States to ever physically return to even see the places where they are supposed to be from, but don’t even maintain passports in case they would ever want to. It’s probably because even though it is so important in American culture to maintain a connection with prior oppression through your heritage, most American believe leaving the US is for the rich and upper classes because it costs so much money and is so far away. Most question, why bother leaving America when you have so many different ethnic groups here at home? Of course, our education system also doesn’t emphasize the importance of learning foreign languages and cultures, maybe for some of the same reasons. While these are all great reasons, another more probable reason is that Americans just don’t get as much time off for travel as the Europeans.

Keep in mind, that this revenge for freedom is not necessarily the motivation behind U.S. leader’s decisions, and we can come up with a multitude of examples to prove that. All of this is instead an explanation on how our leaders motivate Americans to follow their leaders, what ever their leader’s prerogatives may be. It convinces Americans first and foremost to bring freedom to those who don’t have it, because then what all this fighting really does is help to provide salvation for all of the sins of wealth and excess that Americans enjoy by bringing it to others-thus the moral compass. And by the way, it helps to cleanse often!

I know it’s sometimes hard to look inward. Maybe these Americans leaving your country is a good thing for you? Maybe you wanted all those religious nuts, those selfish crybabies, all those wackos out of your country…maybe in fact you wish more of ‘em would get up and leave now?! But despite your history, despite your culture and all your bright ideas, a great lot of those fuckers now concentrated in one place and they think they control things over there and just like ‘an abused Oprah’ a great deal of them are now voting republican.

The world is afraid of America. They don’t trust America, they should be. For the Brits and their deputy commonwealths that they keep close by sos that they can suck them dry, the idea of this Pax Americana, sounds like a banner plan!(It was from here in Australia that I actually had first heard the term). For the others, however, of which there are countless, we will have to see how long until they can’t take Britney Spears® anymore. Even when that happens, it won’t matter. America will fall, (not because Rome did, but because America will) but it won’t be from external forces, we’ll just nuke them like burritos at Seven-11®. America has faults, many of which have been pointed out here and if you call the Euros, they will soon become experts (if they aren’t already) at pointing them out. America will fall from with in, it may be because they are deprived of something they feel they need, it may be because they eventually have to live together, closer to all the people that they don’t like for necessity, but the fall of America will come from within. Don’t be surprised, however, if also The United States of America gets better several times before that happens…its how we’re supposed to work…s-l-o-w, g-r-a-d-u-a-l improvement…like a receding hairline on a Washington Senator on a summers day.

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