To the future in reverse...
Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.

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2004-09-20, Ambivilen. hipsters:

For every hipster that I see / that strives against redundancy / I always see another one / that takes redundancy and runs.

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2004-03-24, Ambivilen. Nerd Words:

For those who “Want to read the dictionary but simply don’t have the timeNerdWords!

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2004-02-05, Criticism. Self-Chastisement: A nursery rhyme:

As evdienced by the massive captiol market of floppy books on self-criticism, tomarken enters another such commodity here into the catogery here-in our prefered format {no ‘workbooks’ yet included}.

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2003-04-27, Ambivilen. Emphemera:

Dear Tomarken, Please consider the first four chapters of Ephemera for publication on your site. This is still a work in progress, but I would like to see how the beginnings are received. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Sincerely, Dora Christine Villarosa

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2003-01-26, Ambivilen. Lump:

As this late January snow blankets most of the Eastern United States…lets reflect on this proof that Mass., the state that was once the home to the famed Puritans, should not be confused with a place to find the fabled Good Sumaritans…Lump-submitted by Dora C. Villarosa

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2002-05-01, Ambivilen. The idea:

Paul McCartney’s got his Day in a life…well tomarken’s got She-submitted by Dora C. Villarosa-db

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