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2004-09-21, Ambivilen. List of things that make positive feelings go away:

Fall is upon us…but did FALL make this list??? Are kids getting beat up on school buses as as we read? What’s exactly in the words that you read This. and more…too much more in Richie Zevins’ latest: List of things that make positive feelings go away

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2004-09-20, Ambivilen. hipsters:

For every hipster that I see / that strives against redundancy / I always see another one / that takes redundancy and runs.

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2004-09-02, Ambivilen. Deconstructing hipster<->discourse:

It was a totally organic occurance you should trust…about the same time some members of the tomarken community embarked on a discourse deconstructing the Hipster, Intervalist Dora C. Villarosa sent us Hipsters This matter of coincidence could only be penultimate to a spontaneous windfall of John Deere(R) hats worn by asian girlfriends delivering prose to you on retro 50s style compartmental tv-dinnerware..

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