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2003-04-28, Ambivilen. A timely spring romance:

A Timely Spring Romance Yet another sexual exploit that our most powerful porn-o-grpahic constituency can write home about in order to pump up our numbers-submitted by Caitlin E. Dorsey

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2003-04-27, Ambivilen. Emphemera:

Dear Tomarken, Please consider the first four chapters of Ephemera for publication on your site. This is still a work in progress, but I would like to see how the beginnings are received. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Sincerely, Dora Christine Villarosa

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2003-04-08, Ambivilen. A Letter to save ‘War in Iraq’:

It takes leadership these days to take a pointed stand in favour of the WAR in IRAQ–that’s exactly was C.S.V> Boyairre is advising to his former congressman which employed his free service way back when times were much simpler…–A Letter to save ‘War in Iraq’

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